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ZFT-3 Parts Diagram or Where To Buy

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  • ZFT-3 Parts Diagram or Where To Buy

    I have a 2009 Prostar 214. I am wanting to add the Mastercraft brand tower which was the Zero Flex 3 that also fits the X-14. Mastercraft says this is no longer available for purchase through them; however many people online are selling parts or partial kits to build them.

    Does anyone have a list of item or part numbers for this tower? An exploded view diagram of this tower would be the most helpful.

    Lastly, does anyone know if Gere Marie still sells older towers and their parts?


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    bump ... does anyone have this info?


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      Greatlakesskipper might help ya with the parts you need


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        GereMarie is who built all the towers for Mastercraft. My father in law is working directyly with them to put a mini tower on his 197. You may still be able to purchase this tower from them as the tower he is getting is an 08 ZFT3 Mini. They also provided us CAD drawings to make sure it was the correct tower.

        Hope that helps!