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New hose for UFP conversion

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  • New hose for UFP conversion

    I’m doing the UFP conversion on my trailer and the existing flex hose in the tongue is not long enough to reach to the new actuator. It’s also pretty worn so it needs replaced regardless. This hose converts to brake line about 18” back in the trailer. I don’t see any easy way to access the fitting to disconnect the hose from the brake line. Has anybody replaced this hose? Is there an easy way to remove it and attach the replacement?

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    I recall (vaguely) when doing mine I had the same issue but with a tug mine cam forward a good 6". Unfortunately this still wasn't enough for me to get at my fittings. I had to disconnect the fitting at the other end of the hard line then back feed it forward toward the actuator.

    It's been years since I did it so it's cloudy as to just how bad a job it was but it's not jumping out at me as it being horrible.


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      this is a good opportunity to replace the hard brake line that runs inside the trailer frame. You can get a flexible composite line that is extremely easy to install. It can be folded to fit inside the trailer frame rails, so get one that's longer than the hard line. You'll still need a flexible line at the trailer tongue.


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        I just replaced the hard brake line on my trailer and used a clear tube to put the brake line in. Once done I simply had to feed the line from the front straight to the back. The only purpose for the clear tube I could think of was to stop rattling.
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