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    Originally posted by waterlogged882 View Post
    Goodyear Endurance trailer tire has served me well.

    US $0.02

    Someone mentioned the Marathons which were not a good tire at all. They were outsourced. I have heard good things about these new Goodyear tires. They are rather pricey though.


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      My Carlisle's say "Made in China" on them.


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        Well known name brands are okay because they are built to their specs. I'm talking about off the wall names. Carlisle's have held up well in my experience but I tend to prefer Maxxis. Waterlogged mentioned Goodyear Endurance. I haven't heard anything bad about those.

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          good year endurance.. USA built and they are great for trailers.. $$$ yep but rated to 87 mph most cheap trailer tires are rated at 65 mph.

          You need to match the tire to the load..

          I would buy a set of good trailer tires that are at least D rated (two blowouts with C rated). Air them up to the sidewall number when cold and you should be fine. Note : You must make sure that if you buy say an E rated tire and the sidewall is 80psi that your rim can handle 80psi...

          There is even more information available from goodyear and other tire manufacturers on the load ratings of a tire and the inflation values ...
          I.E. This is ONLY an example not a real set of numbers - E rated tires can go to 80psi - max load of 2000lbs but at 50psi max load is 1400lbs. So if your load is only 1400lbs then you can run the lower 50psi based on the tire manufactures guidelines...

          It doesn't hurt to run full psi but then it isn't needed either... YMMV.

          and tires are only good for 5 years on a trailer... any more than that and you are on borrowed time... I like to have mine changed right there at the tire place where they jack it up and take them off and put them on... sure beats doing it on the side of a busy road in the middle of nowhere ruining a fine weekend.... in the dark while raining

          I have never heard of "greenball" tires...

          you should make sure to grease your bearings too....


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            A lot of good info in this discussion I use Greenball tires because that's what Costco sells and I have never really had a problem with Costco's quality.

            I did not understand the importance of running the tires at max cold inflation, there seems to be a cooling effect in doing that. So run your tires at max cold pressure.

            Run the same size tire (possibly the exact same tire) on each side. Small differences in size can lead to bad outcomes.

            Trailer tires have max speed ratings. Never really thought of that but it makes sense. The tires I have now are rated for a max 81mph (faster than I will drive).

            Trailer tires have load ratings (never really thought about that either) my trailer specifies a "C" load rating, I bought a "D" load rating that will carry more weight because the 200 VRS is a heavy boat.

            Last but not least, the 200VRS is a heavy boat. A single axle trailer is probably barely adequate. Because of that you need to pay extra attention to your tires or you may have the pleasure, as I did, of changing a tire on the side of the road with a heat index of over 100F.

            If I have any other tire issues I will be forced to blame the tires and 3 Goodyear Marathons are in my future.

            Thx for all the input.


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              there were plenty of blowouts with the Goodyear Endurance back in the early mid 2000's. If you search you find will find plenty of post about then.


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                Those were the Marathons which were crap. Endurance has only been around since 2018.

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                  Originally posted by ONTHECOAST View Post
                  Those were the Marathons which were crap. Endurance has only been around since 2018.

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                  ^^my bad. you are correct i just remember Goodyear and i had two pop.


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                    My advice is don't buy tires that have the word ball, creek, king, star, run, free. You know what I mean.


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                      +1 on the goodyear endurance. I've had them for 3yrs and 3200 miles so far, and they still look in great shape.
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                        Endurance is much better than Marathon, currently on year 3 with them in my 214 tandem, I will proactively replace after 4 years.

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                          It doesn't hurt to run full psi but then it isn't needed either... YMMV.
                          I disagree. Trailer tires should be inflated to the max psi on the sidewall. A standard ST tire is rated for 65 mph (at max pressure), and it's a good idea to add another 5 psi for prolonged highway driving above 65 mph. Your tires will not complain about the extra 5 psi.