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Bow stop trailer conversion

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  • Bow stop trailer conversion

    Ok, I know I’m using the correct terminology, but I’m trying to think of the correct words. Trying to help my neighbor convert his old school trailer bow stop (has the 2 pads that come all the way up past run rail on bow) to the more modern style bow stop. He bought a new cover for his boat, and the bow “bumper stops” past the run rail make it impossible to use. He ‘d like to be able to have something like the bow roller, or boat buddy, ramp n clamp style.

    Here’s a picture of my trailer, that has the look, but can’t think of what you’d call this set up.
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    Actually, think I found an acceptable answer. Winch stand assembly.


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      winch post, winch stand, winch pylon.

      Good luck with the conversion. Don't forget possibly adding an anchor for a bow tie down strap


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        With the old style we just used to leave the winch a smidge loose and pull up - that would slide the boat off the bunks which would let you tarp easy peasy.


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          Originally posted by Krw1225 View Post
          Actually, think I found an acceptable answer. Winch stand assembly.
          Good to know. Best on the conversion.

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            My new trailer came with the ramming boards and I have to say not a fan. Like 88 states you have to play games to get the cover on. Mine has a bolt that tensions the vertical bunks towards the rear of the trailer. When I load I'm careful not to drive in too deep and just have the boat touching the boards. This way when I'm ready to put the cover on I can loosen the tension bolt and sneak the cover between the boards and the bow. I really like just the roller a lot better but converting it would be a real PITA.