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1989 MC PS190 trailer axle needed

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  • 1989 MC PS190 trailer axle needed

    That pretty much says it all. If anyone has one, used or new,
    let me know.


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    If I needed a new axle I would order it from Champion Trailers in Louisiana, they will fabricate one to your specifications.
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      The axle on my 99 single axle trailer is pretty non-standard as axles go. Not sure about your 1989 which is 10 years older.

      You'll need to list some of the details so you can get a good referral. For example my 99 is:
      - 5200 lb capacity
      - Painted
      - Rectangular 2" x 3"
      - Leaf spring (not torsion)
      - 4" drop

      After this you'll need the axle face to face dimension which requires a measuring tape.

      As replacement axles go my 99 is pretty much a unicorn. I can't find any off the shelf that matches is exactly. Dexter comes pretty close with a 5200lb 2 inch drop leaf spring. You can get a 3500 lb, no drop, leaf spring axle of nearly any type by comparison.

      I think the recommendation of getting one custom made is a good idea. If you are in a pinch, you might be able to get someone to weld your current axle as a very temporary fix. You'll also need to specify if you just want the axle alone or do you want the axle, backing plates, bearings, brakes, u-bolts (required!!!!). Changing the leaf springs is not a bad idea while you're at it.

      The cost of a new fully loaded axle with bearings, backing plates, and hydraulic disk brakes runs about $1K total. Maybe a bit less.