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Was this a factory option?

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  • Was this a factory option?

    Just a random question for someone that may know... On my 2004 Xstar (that I have owned less than a year FWIW) all of the running gear is chromed. I would default to stainless but it appears chromed to me and all of it seems to be original even the prop. I began thinking about it as I am looking to re-prop this season but I hate to lose the look of the chrome prop. Anyway, just for my curiosity I have searched some and cannot find if this is a factory option, or something the PO had done. Any info someone might have would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Useless, rambling wintertime thoughts. LOL

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    Pics would help
    3 fins, strut, prop and rudder "chrome"?


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      I do not have a photo specifically of those but I will see what I can find in the gallery. And yes, fins, strut, prop, rudder and exhaust tips are all the same finish. If it is stainless then they are polished to a mirror finish....


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        Closest I could manage for now. Is it polished stainless and my brain is not working?


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          35th anniversary 197 and 190 had polished running gear. no other models came from factory with it
          the prop I see looks to be a 14x18, if you're going to add additional ballast I'd look into a OJ 845 15x13


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            Thanks! Interesting, I knew I didn't see polished very often but just wasn't sure if that was an option to get or an upgrade later. I do know the all of the pieces have mastercraft stamped into them. I will see if I can get info from the PO and see if he had them replaced at some point.