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Shaft Flange Coupling Re-Installing Questions

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  • Shaft Flange Coupling Re-Installing Questions

    Question(s) regarding the best method for re-attaching the drive shaft coupling flange ('89 PS 190 , powerslot). The coupling came off using the threaded bolt as a puller method. The key is still wedged in the slot on the coupling. Usually when re-attaching something with a key you install the item and then drift the key into place. In this case, you can't do that b/c the key needs to come in from the coupling side and there is not a way to get to it. So the key is stayng in the coupling, but I wonder if it will prevent it from fitting up onto the shaft as far as it was.

    Will the drive shaft bolt pull the coupling back to it's prior location on the shaft? I plan on using a small amount of anti-seize. Should the coupling be heated and/or the shaft cooled to ensure it will fit back up as it was prior to removal? Or...just tightned up as tight as possible with bolt and if it's not quite where it was, that's ok?

    Lots of questions b/c lots of coffee

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    You can tell the weather is nice - no replies, everyone's on their boat

    I've got the shaft end chilling in a cooler of ice, and read somewhere that heating coupling in the sun or with a heat gun should suffice....we'll see.