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Prop help - 2001 X Star - 3300lb ballast

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  • Prop help - 2001 X Star - 3300lb ballast

    Hey all,

    I have a 2001 Xstar with the 330hp LTR VRS engine.

    I currently have a OJ 14x18 prop, and when running over 3000lb ballast and 4 people, the boat planes out, but takes a while. I would like to re prop the boat for a bit more pull out of the hole so I can carry a few more people as well as all the ballast (the wake is HUGE!!)

    I'm not to worried about top speed as we never do anything other the wakeboard and surf.

    I figured this would be an easy decision.....bit less pitch and be done with it, but after looking around at a few prop selection tables, even the cross over props have a lot less pitch then what I'm running.

    Wakemakers recommend the below 3 props......even the cross over prop is fairly different to the current prop I have. Its not like the boat is really struggling to get on the just needs to get there quicker and handle a couple more people. What are your thoughts?

    Current prop - OJ 14x18
    My spare prop - ACME 381 - 13.5x17.5VL
    Wakemakers cross over - ACME 1941 - 14.5x15.5
    Wakemakers Wake/surf - ACME 1235 - 14.5x14.25
    Wakemakers Heavy ballast - ACME 1615 - 14.5x13.75

    What would the difference between a 14x18 and a 14.5x15.5 be like? Huge, or am I over thinking it?

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    Got a pic sitting in the water? That sounds slammed?!


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      I didn't get a pic out of the water, but got this one =). The duck board is surprisingly only about an inch under the water, but the front drops a fair bit. The below photo is the boat sitting with no ballast. When fully loaded, it sits on the first chine line in the white, below the black stripe (so basically level in the water).


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        The 14.5 x 14.25 is typically considered a good prop for heavily ballasted 205v's. I ran a 14.25 x 14 in my x1 with 4k lbs of ballast and had no problems getting on plane. We also ran a 14.75x15.5 for a while and that did fine with 3k lbs of ballast.
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          i run the acme 1285, its a rocket out of the hole


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            What are the revs like at riding speed with that prop?


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              I have the 310hp predator, and I'm running the OJ 14.25x14.5. Holeshot is great. I run right at 3500rpm at 23.7mph with 3000lb of ballast plus 3-4 people.


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                Originally posted by Cain0725 View Post
                i run the acme 1285, its a rocket out of the hole
                The ACME 1285 wont work on the original posters boat. His boat has a tapered shaft not a spline shaft.


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                  Should have some sort of notice if you're reviving a thread more than say 1 month old like "this post hasn't been updated for 5 years - would you like to continue"