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Stock prop for 2008 X Star

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  • Stock prop for 2008 X Star

    Is a 14 x 14.25 VC OJ the stock prop for a 2008 X Star. The guy we bought it from said it had the stock prop just refinished with 150 hours on it. We love it but really have to throttle on it to plain. I understand its a X Star and its sweet for the boarders but a little rough on some company with younger kids??

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    Nothing should be rough on company with kids when running properly. Check with Eric at OJ and get you the right prop for your boat and activities.


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      That boat should come on plane fairly quick with that prop.
      I'm running a 14.75 X 15.5, same MCX engine and I'm fine with 7-8 people and extra ballast.

      Perhaps you have a power loss issue?

      Bad holeshot with what load? How many people?
      What is your top speed/rpm?
      I was njskier on here.


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        I just got a new prop from OJ. Mine had a 14.5x14.25. After talking with Eric I went with a different prop. I agree, best to call him and ask.

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          With the MCX motor your stock prop is listed as a 13.5x17
          Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.