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2005 Prostar 205V Rudder Play / Steering Cable

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  • 2005 Prostar 205V Rudder Play / Steering Cable

    I purchased a 2005 prostar 205V last year in florida, The steering was always a little tight but not much to worry about at low speeds. I noticed under power it gradually became tighter and tighter so I decided to look into it.

    Turns out my rudder had more play in it than it should so the propeller was putting pressure on it which created a pinch, therefore it was hard to steer under power.

    First I bought a steering cable from MC parts Depot:

    CABLE-STEERING 19' TF XTREME 2001-12. for $148.92

    This is a teleflex steering cable.

    1. I unhooked the old cable from the rudder and took my support tube off and tied an old piece of ski rope to the end of the cable.

    2. I took my center floor board up so I could see where the cable ran under the floor.

    3. I pulled the cable to the front of the boat

    4. I could not remove the buffer tube from my old cable so I had to order this part here from skidim.

    My old support tube was threaded halfway up the tube, I was worried that this new part would not work but it turned out it the diameter was slightly larger than the original part so it worked out alright.

    4 .I tied my new cable on and pulled the ski rope from the engine compartment to feed it through.

    5. I noticed it ran under the fuel tank, I did not fully think this through and my tank have 3/4 full. I had to take the fuel tank brackets off and winch the tank up with a rachet strap connected to my tower to allow room for the cable to slide under.

    6. I had to figure out where I needed to mount the buffer tube on the support bracket that would allow me to turn the same degree left or right. so I line up the cable to the support bracket and measured where I needed to mount it, market it with a marker.

    7. I took the support tube mounting ball off of the bracket so I could install the support mount onto the tube without working under the engine.

    8. I fed the bracket back onto the support ball mount bracket and hooked up my steering cable to the rudder and I was done.

    Now about my rudder play issue.

    It turns out this year OJ props made the rudder port, there was no grease fitting and I was told I needed to send the rudder port down to OJ to be rebuilt. They had to press a bushing in, replace some seals and even added a grease fitting for me.

    It cost me $75

    To take off your old rudder port you need to

    1. disconnect the steering bracket

    2. loosen the nuts around the rudder port while having someone under the boat holding the screws tight with an allen wrench.

    3. once the screws were out I used a wooden board and a hammer to loosen the top bracket inside the boat that fits around my port.

    4. I then used my prop shaft from the bottom of the boat to break port loose by gently moving forward and backwards.

    5. Shipped my port off to OJ

    6. I removed the grease fitting and installed the rudder port, I used some 3m 4000 marine sealant on the top and bottom and all around the inside of the rudder port from the inside of the boat.

    Now I can steer my boat with my pinky finger and the whole project only cost me about $250.

    I hope this helps others who are in the same situation I was in.

    The 2005 prostar 205v is basically the same boat as the 2005 X2.

    Good luck!
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