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  • Intake Water Strainer

    Dropped the boat yesterday and noticed it running hot under any load, went to check the raw water intake to see if it was clogged and found the stainer completely destroyed. The boat is on a lift all summer that rests on the stainer and i'm sure that has lead to this destruction. Has anyone replace this with a metal strainer? I found on mc parts depot a few options

    The first is showing as a 1", not sure if this would be the right side and if so does the whole through hull need to be replaced?

    This one looks like it's the same, although it is showing 09-12? I've gotta wonder how long it will last though and if it's a good idea to use another plastic one. Can the same holes be re-used or do you need to fill them with something?
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    Perhaps something like this would be best


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      Never new MC used plastic. Go with the brass. I would move your bunks too. You don’t want that resting on the bunks


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        Thanks, yea definitely going to move the bunks