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LED Lights That Fit in the Drain Plug

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  • LED Lights That Fit in the Drain Plug


    Has anyone tried the LED lights that are made to fit into the existing drain plug fittings? Is one bright enough under water? I do not really want to drill into my hull underwater for lights that might not work for very long and I do not do a great deal of night boating. I would, however, be willing to spend $30 or so on a screw in light that can be removed and set back to stock. Please share your thoughts if you have one.

    Thank you.

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    Heres my experience with drain plug lights. On trailer boats that get the bilge plug removed after use, strains the lights power cable with the constant threading in/out. Outboard engines, lower units or center mounted wake plates can block the light, creating a shadow. Center mounted wake plates often can prevent the installation of some of these lights, while others, will interfere with the plates travel, once installed.

    As the price of a light goes down, so does its output and often times build quality. Smaller lights typically have less output then larger lights.


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      What kind of water you boat in also matters. Our lake is real cloudy so no way this would work, but if your water is clear it might work better.
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        The lakes are pretty dark and "tea" colored thanks to the Cyprus trees. I do not have any mechanicals that would interfere with it but those are good points. You are both confirming what I thought which is... this is sort of a waste... Thank you for the feedback.