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Wakesurf Creator for my X-30

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  • Wakesurf Creator for my X-30

    Hi Again

    This winter I bought a wakesurf board that I am eager to try out. I have not tried surfing on my 2007 X-30.

    I have also seen that there are attachments like this one:

    These are suppost to improve the wake. Since my boat doesnt have the Gen2 system or anything like that I wonder the following:

    1. Is it worth it?
    2. The X-30 har a kind of complicated hull to get these fit I believe. So, which model of wakesurf creator should I look for, does any one have experiense with X-30 hull?

    3. How is the standard 2007 X-30 wake for surfing? Anyone tried surfing behind the X-30 before?

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    We surfed for years behind our 2006 X-30 with only the factory setup. The wake behind our X-23 is notably better. But you might want to try factory before spending $$$ on the X-30.


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      My ‘06 X30 surfs great with Go Surf Assist and 820lb bags in the trunks! And yes there are suck-gates that work on your hull and they make a huge improvement over listing the boat (check out the “Slim” model in this thread:


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        That slim model posted above should work, and I used a mission device on my X80 which has that same step hull design. fits perfect on the one spot it needed to go with like .25 inches to spare. before the suction mounts would be too big
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