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    2017 XT20, dealer replaced prop shaft at 25 hour service as they said it did not seat correctly. Went to replace prop this year and noticed only 3/8 inch clearance prop to bottom of boat. Looked at 3 other XT20 and they all had 3/4 clearance. All 3 of these the prop shaft from where it exits bottom of boat to end of shaft measured 1 1/4 inch longer than mine thus creating the larger clearance to bottom of boat. Is it possible dealer put in wrong shaft? Will this cause any issues long term with the clearance so tight? Boat now on third season with 160 hours on it.
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    Sounds like they have the wrong shaft in the boat for sure unless they replaced the coupler too and its incorrect. You need to make them correct that. The prop needs more clearance than that.
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