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Prop puller wont fit

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  • Prop puller wont fit

    2009 X15 has a slight ding in the prop so ordered a replacement. went to pull the prop and there is literally just a fraction of room between the end of the prop and the shaft support housing. my c clamp style puller cant fit between this area. Its not even close. I have a 3 arm style bearing puller that I can try but was hoping to not have to pull the rudder too bc boat is in the garage and Id have to pull it out and put the tower up. any thoughts?

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    This is a splined prop right? Are you sure you need the puller?
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      It is splined. i tugged on it and set a piece of wood on the back and gave it some mild wacks as well, Ive just always used a puller. this is first time ive had to change one that's splined.


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        I had the same issue, I removed the bushing on the end of the screw and that got me enough room to put the clamp behind the prop. You just need to make sure you don't have the screw slip off the shaft but its pretty simple.
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          Dint forget the loosening the prop nut a bit and spin prop in water of course in reverse.. used that method until I ordered correct tool.

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