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Bent strut, prop shaft and prop

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    I dumped it in the river today at lunch and went for a ride. The boat is fixed!!!!!!

    1. I never thought i had vibration, but i must have, because now there is zero vibration.

    2. No water leaking or trickling in anywhere after the 10 min ride. Perfect.

    3. The new prop is amazing. I went from an OJ 13.7x19.5v 4-blade prop to an OJ #818-MF 14.75x17.5 4-blade prop. The difference in pickup is very noticeable and my top speed went from 43 to 40mph. Still plenty fast for me. I'm glad I didn't go with the dealer suggestion of 14.75 x 14.5 for surfing/rec use. That would have been way too much.

    4. Thank you to Eric at OJ props for the prop advice, and for shipping the prop fast at a fair price. (and throwing in a t-shirt) Then later shipping me a flex gland seal fast at a fair price.

    5. Thank you to Midwest Water Sports for answering questions, having parts in stock, and shipping fast.

    6. Thanks to all of you on this forum who ask and answer questions so others can follow and have the courage to take on what seems to be a hard task. I was a little nervous about aligning the engine to less than the thickness of paper, but it was pretty easy to follow along.
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      Awesome congrats!

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        congrats feels good no? and the insurance company will come through... I call that a win win win... now don't go find anymore things to hit!!!!
        enjoy the rest of the summer!

        I bet it won't take you 2 hours to align it next time should you have to ;o)))