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Dockstar Tiller Arm Rubbing on Oil Pan???

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  • Dockstar Tiller Arm Rubbing on Oil Pan???

    Here's a PSA for anyone with DockStar and the 7.4 Ilmor, and possibly others....

    So over the weekend, noticed my 2018 X46 with Dockstar was experiencing hard steering to Port when making hard over turns. After checking the hydraulic fluid levels(good), I climbed in the bilge and noticed the engine actually lifts about 1/8 to 1/4" when turning hard over to Port. Looking closer, the Dockstar Port rudder/tiller arm assembly is now rubbing the oil pan of the monster Ilmor 7000. It only rubs during the last 3/4 turn of the steering wheel, but definitely didn't do this before the weekend.

    Called my dealer to setup an appointment to fix, and they weren't surprised by this information; Stating there is an "Upgrade" kit to put a few clips in place to prevent the engine from settling onto the tiller. WHY ISN'T THIS UPGRADE BEING HANDLED MORE PROACTIVELY??????? An engine failure or worse, fire seems like the hard way of finding out this problem exists!