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Coolfeel vs. Standard Vinyl

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  • Coolfeel vs. Standard Vinyl

    I had the profound displeasure of winterizing my 2008 X2 this past weekend, but luckily I have a laundry list of off-season projects that should keep me occupied until the spring! At the top of that list is replacing our faded/stained/worn interior. Our current interior is base white with red and grey accents, but we're looking to change things up and move to a tan base with brown accents (something similar to sandstone and coconut brown, in MC's current colors). What we're having trouble with is deciding whether or not to go with Coolfeel vinyl, which is roughly a 30% price increase for skins. I realize these colors will likely get warmer in the sun than my current interior, but I'm not sure if it would be so great a difference that it would necessitate paying the extra premium for Coolfeel, as I've never been in a boat with either a "dark" interior or Coolfeel vinyl so I have no personal frame of reference.

    Some general details about our situation:
    1. We live full-time on a lake in the southeast, and the boat stays on a covered lift
    2. We get out frequently, but not for very long (1 hour average trips, I'd estimate)
    3. We got out with a larger crew (5+ people) for multiple hours only a small handful of times per year
    4. I know it's easy to spend others' $, but unfortunately we're boaters on a budget. We'd prefer to save where we can whenever it's reasonable to do so.

    So I'm expecting to hear the majority of you to say go with Coolfeel, but is it a must-do or would it be reasonable to stick with standard vinyl? Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

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    I wouldn't go with the sandstone and brown unless it were coolfeel. If budget is an issue, I'd go with standard vinyl but keep the colors light.
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      I think you could definitely do those colors in standard vinyl, I just don't know if they'd be that functional. I have a buddy with standard tan vinyl on his '17 Malibu and it got noticeably hotter than the beach tan coolfeel we had in the X24. We were sitting on towels in the Malibu and were totally happy in the X24. I would guess you would be happier with the coolfeel, but could likely get by with standard vinyl.
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        I went through the same decision process when we decided to refresh the interior of our 07 X2 in 2019. Talking with Carl from Viper he said everything gets hot when it's just sitting in the sun. Airflow or water is what will cool it off. Ultimately, we went with carbon fiber fabrics vs cool feel. We chose some darker colors - Charcoal, and Mediterranean blue. Vinyl performs just as Carl described. We did not use $$$ as a factor in our decision for fabric. I was hesitant to go with CF because I've read here about hard to clean or staining on the darker colors. We will still throw a towel down on high temp days as there is no escape from heat generated by direct sun and no breeze.
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          While everything gets hot when sitting in the sun, standard dark vinyl gets way hotter than coolfeel. So there is a degree of relativity in that statement. No pun intended. No way I'd put black standard vinyl in the quantity that I had black coolfeel in my XT22.
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            Sounding like Coolfeel is likely the way to go (what a surprise!). Are there are downsides to Coolfeel? I'd be most concerned with puncture and scratch resistance (dog claws), stain resistance (beer), and lifespan compared to standard vinyl. Apologies, I haven't had time to do my own research on it yet.


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              I have Coolfeel in my X22, but only as an accent color. Had it in more significant panels in my XT22, and was disappointed by how easily it was scratched when someone set a board fin-side down on the sunpad. It was Navy Coolfeel, which I think made it a lot easier to see the scratch than maybe it would have been if it were a lighter color. Even so, it was the very reason I backed off on the Coolfeel with my X22. I have a hard time imagining dog claws not scratching the heck out of it.

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                Well for better or worse, I've decided to go coolfeel. Even if it scratches easier and is a bit tougher to care for, I think that would be better than hearing my wife complain about her butt getting burned by sitting on hot vinyl! Thanks for the input everyone. I'm dismantling the interior this weekend, so hopefully in a month or so I can start re-assembly with new skins. Will update with progress!


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                  Looking forward to the pics. Yes, I think it is less durable and not as easy to clean, but it was a trade off I was satisfied with.
                  Prior boats - (3) X14's, (3) Prostars, and a Tristar.