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Foam spec for a 2006-11 X2

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  • Foam spec for a 2006-11 X2

    Does anyone know what thickness and density foam MC used in the 2006-11 X2. Our interior is so rough in places I can't tell if some seats were thinner than others or if they are just that compressed.

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    I'm searching for some of the same info. Specifically the bow and stern bench seats. If it's of any help to you, I have my 2008 X2 interior disassembled and would be happy to measure anything for you if you can tell me which specific pieces you need measurements for, provided that my pieces are not compressed to the point of needing to be replaced.


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      Lol. Mine's a 08 as well and the bow and rear bench are two I'm most concerned about. I can't imagine that they are thinner than the rest, but if not, they are super compressed. Based on the measurements of the front edge of the skin, I[m leaning towards 3".


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        Hmm, interesting we're experiencing the same problems! Anyhow, I measured my foam from those same pieces and it measures 3" in most spots, but up to 3.5" at some points. I'm also leaning towards 3" thick for new foam, and if it needs a boost in any areas cut some of the old foam to add underneath the new, at least until someone talks me out of it!