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'08 storage area carpet

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  • '08 storage area carpet

    Anyone know the weight and color of the dark gray carpet in the storage areas of an '08 model? Looking for a small piece to finish off the storage areas but have no idea what it is. If someone has a small piece from a refurbish they want to sell, that would be even better. Need about 24"x60".

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    I think you can use the outdoor carpet we use for bunks that we can find at Lowes or Home Depot … same carpet as I would use on our trailer bunks. Just my $0.02
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      I have a piece of gunmetal gray from a leftover job I did recently. Can send that out. I mean, if it is under cover and out of sight, how close of a match can a fellow ask for, for free?

      This is 20 ounce cut pile carpet. Solid backing. Straight edges and scissors not included.

      US $0.02

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        That would be perfect! Happy to pay shipping, will send a PM.