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  • South East US upholstery

    2006 X-STAR that needs to completely redone. anyone know a ballpark price and/or have any suggestions on where to bring it?

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    Viper Customs in east TN. This time of year would be a great time to take it. They get hammered in the spring. FWIW, I'm a satisfied Viper customer.
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      Second that. Past customer too. It really depends upon which boat and if you have anything else besides upholstery. 5K to 8K depending on carpet, lighting, etc.


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        I have used Top Performance Marine in Knoxville 3 times. I will post my most recent project that they've completed for me soon. I know several others here have used Top Performance Marine and loved them. Those guys there are top notch. They had several out of state boats in the shop while I was there. They don't post 1/2 of the stuff they do, but they specialize in Mastercraft boats.

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        Private message hangdog12a too for pictures of his ProStar that Top Performance Marine redid that looks amazing.

        Needless to say I am just really happy with them and their prices are excellent.

        Oh and another one :-)
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        Good luck!


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          That's some good work there. I have a couple places I use up here for spot work up here but don't really have anyplace that I'd trust to do a complete MasterCraft interior.


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            Anyone know whatever happened to Jim the upholstery guy? He did my old 200 vrs in 2009 and did a superb job. I think he had some problems after that and his work suffered.