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2009 MC X45 - Removing Cockpit Bulkhead Panels

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  • 2009 MC X45 - Removing Cockpit Bulkhead Panels

    My wife and I operate a small (literally "Mom and Pop"!) Boat Upholstery business at Smith Mountain Lake in SW Virginia. We are currently working with a customer to do a complete reupholstery job on his 2009 Master Craft X45. We went over to his slip the other day to remove the seats, back rests and cockpit bulkhead panels. When we got to the cockpit panels we were stumped. We knew from previous experience that we'd have to remove the speakers to access some of the nuts but there are many more that remain inaccessible to us.

    We're hoping that some of you have had experience removing these panels and can provide us some insights. After we left the dock it occurred to me that perhaps the teardrop shaped back panels directly above the cup holders may pop out to gain access but I'm hesitant to start prying on them without some verification that this will work. Any advice that can solve this dilemma would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

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    I sent you a pm


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      The panels with the cup holders have slots in the top that you can reach through to get to the top ones. The rest i could get to from below. You do have to lay down in the comparents though.
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        Duh...I looked at those and saw the 2 small holes in one of them. I stuck a screwdriver through one of them thinking that maybe there was a screw head but I didn't think to try to remove the whole thing . That makes perfect sense. Thanks so much.