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Upholstery Options For Redoing 2005 X10 Interior

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    Can you share which color options you used in the Zander family? I'm getting ready to do mine and think I've also settled on Zander (also considering Marlin) and you have the same color scheme I'm going for.


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      The Zander vinyl I chose has held up really well so far (put 50 hours on the engine this season). I've had all sorts of messy materials on it (for very brief periods of time) and just a little vinyl sauce has cleaned up everything really nicely. I would loved to have put some diamond stitching in some of the pieces to give it a more modern look but by the time I had figured that out I just wanted the guy to get the job done without major defects.

      The exact colors I chose were:
      ZAN-3102 (Pure White)
      ZAN-3112 (Pearl Grey)
      ZAN-3117 (Cherry)

      It turned out to look just as the original did as far as I can tell, which I'm happy with. With a better eye for design and colors one could certainly get a more modern look if that was desired.


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        tdp94 - - - sorry to hear of the stress you had to put up with, as well as the poor quality work in spots. I agree that it looks nice overall. And, it is certainly a gorgeous boat. I only have one photo to share, as I just finished the boat restoration right before it was going into storage. I'll post more photos in the Spring - - - promise.

        Here's one which shows the new vinyl and the Gatorstep floor I put in. I'm really happy with the result and can hardly wait for Spring to come!

        I will also say this about Mastercraft Skins (aka Upholstery Workshop in Haltom City, Texas - - - essentially Ft. Worth area.) I had a fantastic experience throughout. The work cost a bit more (just over $5000), but I upgraded the material to a more durable "carbon" finish and they suggested a more interesting upholstery pattern with "X's" across many of the pieces. They also did everything, including new foam throughout and complete removal of the old and installation of the new. The work is fabulous and I think these pieces look nicer than the new Mastercraft designs I see in the showroom.

        Also, the guys I worked with were very responsive and told the truth every time. The work was done ahead of schedule and I could tell they really care about making a first-rate product. I did drive the pieces down to them and then went back to pick them up a few months later, but it was well worth it.

        I know that there are a lot of good shops out there, but there are also shady ones who are extremely frustrating to work with. The Upholstery Workshop was nothing short of phenomenal. Highly recommended.

        Will post more photos in the Spring, but this one will give you an idea.
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          musicmd Looks really nice! I think I would've paid the extra ~$1500 for better experience, quicker turn-around, and upgraded stitching had I known upfront. Live and learn!

          For anyone reading this back I thought I'd throw in another thought I forgot to mention. In the future, if I'm getting an interior redone I might opt for a darker color as the main color. I can already tell as my white upholstery begins to form creases/wrinkles in a rested/used state, you can see this is where dirt and grime accumulates and will be where discoloration down the line become first noticeable. I don't get quite the same impression from the darker colors. So guess what I'm getting at is a darker base might look newer a little longer although is probably easier to screw up and get an ugly design? I've seen a few boats of this age/style with dark grey as the main upholstery color and it looks pretty good.