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  • Check Engine Light help

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question, last week I put my boat in the water for the first time this season, idled for a little abs the engine temp light came one, turned around took boat back out of water, put a new impeller in my boat, all is good now. Temp is good, but now my check engine light stays on and when I hit the button to read the code it says from the other week when my coolent over heated. How to I delete the code on my boat? Everything is working great just need the check engine light code to be deleted. I have a 2012 x25. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Hopefully it’s just a few steps on the screen to delete and don’t have to deal with the dealers. Thank you.

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    Generally the engine codes will reset after a certain number of cycles without the error occurring, but you should be able to reset it by putting the engine into service mode (normally with a code reader), turning the ignition on but not starting, then moving the throttle from 0-100-0%


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      how much water is coming out exhaust when running?