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Cant get to top speed

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  • Cant get to top speed

    I have a 2009 prostar 190 and this season at full throttle the boat only reaches about 39 mph. Last summer I hit 50 (it has the 400hp Vortex 6000). The boat has zero off and i have read some things that suggest that might be the problem. Boat sounds great and is running great just cant get to top speed (i have not changed anything since last summer). Throttle cable seems to be fine. Any suggestions?

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    How are you measuring your speed, gps or Speedo?

    Some might add more detailed options, and you may have already checked these but check the basics. Spark arrestor clean, plugs ok, fresh fuel, prop still ok?

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        Tell us more...assuming you are not reaching max rpm?

        Smooth acceleration? To what rpm v. Max rpm? Good power up to that rpm?

        All else good? Smooth at idle, etc? No check engine of fault codes?

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          Disconnect the zero off report back.

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            Any changes in RPM's?