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  • Moses Is Dead

    Charlton Heston, Hollywood screen legend has passed away One of my favs, sad to see him go.

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    Yep he as an awesoe actor and a [email protected] fine AMERICAN!!!!

    Hate to see you go Chuck!!
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      I bet it was one of those [email protected]#n apes.... I liked his stuff too.
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        I hope he wasnt stoned.
        Skidog, dont forget to take your Geritol.

        Originally posted by Upper Michigan Prostar190
        On a different note: I like LOTS of snort comin' out of the hole.


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          I hate to hear that.


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            ...from my cold, dead hands!
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              He will be missed!
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                He "was" one of the good guys out on the left coast!!!


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                  great actor... even better American... he will be missed
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                    Who's gonna fill their shoes?
                    Originally posted by TX.X-30 fan
                    Say yes to cheap beer---- no to ethanol.