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Steamboat Springs trip

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  • Steamboat Springs trip

    Four great ski days at Steamboat are in the books and now sitting at Hayden ready to fly home

    trip started so bad with my flight being canceled sunday morning … but we got to Denver … long story short we got to Steamboat Sunday night with the help of Mohamed … the best Uber driver ever! At first he didn’t want to take us 3.5 hours but he did … turned out to be great and got to listen to his life story of integrating from Kenya 12 years ago and becoming a US citizen … he mentioned he lived in Columbus OH for five years and when I asked O-H he quickly answered I-O! What a great guy … and on the correct political side too!

    we had interesting ski conditions … they had just gotten 3 feet of snow the last 10 days but it was warm so the snow was hard

    first two days were clear and beautiful … last two days we had 6 inches of new snow and low visibility … spent much of the time in the trees as the visibility was much better

    only one crash … but i was able to stop my fall with my head! We were skiing in the trees just below the Chutes (unbelievable snow) and I went to take a hard right, ski tip caught and flipped me around … then i think a tail dug in because all I know is a flipped backwards fast and hard … saw lots of little swirlies!

    the tress at Steamboat are simply incredible if you have the chance do it

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      That is awesome you got a ride. Steamboat is my favorite and I love 4 points. you can have a Bloody Mary there and it's like a lunch! Morning Side is a blast to ski. Did you get a chance to go to Strawberry Hot Springs? it's a experience for sure. This is the first year in 8 years we didn't get there. Rental car prices at Yampa airport were over the top. Heading to WP in 2 weeks.


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        I never rent a car there .. just use storm mountain transportation because once you are there i just use the shuttle/city bus to downtown … we just get a ski in/out condo for simplicity

        i didnt go to the hot springs … did so in college and with this being spring break figured it was full of college kids …

        we spent a lot of times over on storm peak express side … not as crowded and great skiing …. Except chuck wagon and drop out were a ***** … hard packed moguls with zero forgiveness …. Linda fell in one and it was so deep I couldn’t see her .. not joking … Rolex was the best I’ve ever seen …. Tons of snow on the side and the bumps were soft … could not get Linda to go through the Chutes this year and no way I’m going there alone

        great trip

        If i win the lottery i will have a huge house there and you’re welcome to come visit me Dec-March!


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          Thanks for the share, this is on the list!
          Ski in snow, ski in water, and always have fun!

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            Great pics Dave, glad you guys had a good trip! We are headed to Keystone and A-basin on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for smooth travel.