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X-15 (or other) General Maintenance

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  • X-15 (or other) General Maintenance

    First post to this forum, but I have been reading it since I bought my boat last year and I have found it very helpful. SO thank you for that!

    Until recently I havent had any problems with my boat, but since using the boat this year I am wondering if my dealer performed all of the general maintenance and servicing he should have. To bring you up to speed, I have a 2009 X-15 mcx and basically everything other optoin. That being said, can anyone provide me with a general list of services/maintenance that should have taken place and at what interval? The boat has around 70 hrs on it right now.

    My local dealer is a nice guy, but has a history of over promising and under delivering.

    Thank you in advance
    X-15 '09 MCX

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    I got an 06 with 48hrs on it last yr, about 70 when I put it up for the winter.
    Fuel filter and trans filter, dlr I trust said don't bother with changing them until at least 100 hrs.
    Check/tighten darn near every screw/bolt in the boat. Tower, rub rail, seat hinges, struts, windshiled, etc. Be surprised how many loose screws after the boat gets broke in.

    Maint, grease rudder and steering, change trans oil, engine oil/filter, impeller. I do this all annually, in the fall at layup. About 50 hr intervals.

    70 hrs is nothing, shouldn't have to worry about much right now.
    '06 X2 MCX

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      Great thanks!
      X-15 '09 MCX