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9/11/2001 - Where were you....??

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  • 9/11/2001 - Where were you....??

    On this day of terror back in 2001, you will never forget where you were when it happened.

    I was working in my office in Akron, Ohio and my co-worker heard it over the radio. We turned on the 10" B&W TV in the break room and stood there stunned for the next three hours. My boss allowed us to go home that day and we spent the rest of the day watching the news and I remember looking into the sky that afternoon and hearing nothing......


    LETS ROLL!!!

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    Hell yeah double d. America!

    Was in history class of all places. Thanks to all the service men and women, firefighters, and police men and women, you all are the true heros!
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      I was in a production meeting at work and one of our Engineers came in and said "a plane just flew into the World Trade Center", I remember my first thought was "why did someone in a Cessna just hit that building"? Boy was I wrong.


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        I’ll never forget where I was… Back then I had been in the oil patch for about 5 years then and I was werk’n for a pipe testing company. We tested the pipe that went into wells and one of our big clients was for the US Government as they have strategic oil reserves across the Gulf Coast. They are big wells in salt domes where they store crude oil.

        Anyways, we were in the shop that morning when it all started happening and most everyone was up front watching it on TV but I didn’t want to see it, or believe it. I just wanted to go home and get my guns and kill’em all!

        Well then the boss came out and told me to get the equipment ready to test 10 ¾” pipe and you’re taking Tait, (my cuz), and yawl are going to Big Hill. I said F*** off, he says no really, load it, you’re going to Big Hill. Big Hill is, you guessed it, one of the US Gov. strategic oil reserves in Winnie, TX. I said you’re full of S*** and he insisted so I went up front and axed the big boss. He confirmed my worse nightmare….

        Here we were getting bombed by POS no good fer nut’n worthless sumsabit**es and there sending me and my cuz to a HUGE US oil reserve….. Not to mention it was my cousin’s first job with us…. Not to mention we would be sitting on top of, O say 20 to 40 million barrels of crude!

        Well we loaded up and was at the gates by 1400 and they went over our truck and equipment with a fine toothed comb, even though they knew us…. I was worried as heck that day, I’ll tell ya….

        Nope, won’t never ferget what I was doing….


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          i was in Boston, just coming out of a meeting ... we all crammed into a conference room and then the 2nd plane hit. I'll never forget that day

          i went back to my hotel (north of Boston in Swampscott) ... everyone was walking on the streets and several churches had their doors wide open ... people just walked up and down the streets talking to everyone

          my daughter was almost one and son was three ... i had to drive home the next day. One sight i'll never forget was a lone F15 fighter circling Logan airport. Also as i was driving home, there was a convoy of National Guard troops heading to NYC ... seems like there was 100s of them ... very surreal

          God bless the families of the victims, especially the Police and Fire Fighters who perished trying to save others


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            I was getting ready for class in my dorm room at Indiana. My buddy from across the hall was from NYC and was frantic. Awful day.
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              Originally posted by 2RLAKE View Post
              God bless the families of the victims, especially the Police and Fire Fighters who perished trying to save others

              amen brother!

              well said


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                Everytime I think about the magnitude of what took place and the enormous loss of innocent life, I get so angry and p'ed off that they pulled off that incredible attack. Hope bin laden is burning in hell.

                I was between jobs at the time so I just went to my mom's place to watch the events with her and around 3pm, we got a call from my cousin's family in Chicago which we initially thought was a curtesy check in to let us know they were ok. But it was to tell us my cousin gave birth to her son. A true 9/11 baby.
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                  I was in basic training at Ft Sill, OK. We were doing a land nav course when we were gathered for a formation and everyone was asked if anyone had family in NYC and if they did they were allowed to call. We knew something was up cause phone calls were almost nonexistent. We didn't get the whole story for a few more days for whatever reason.

                  I remember when I signed up I thought no way is anything going to happen in the next 2 years (length of active contract) and then this happened.


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                    I was on the flight line getting the aircraft ready for their sorties. Our Co came out at about 10:00 and told us that the WTC had been hit by a plane and to stack the hanger bay and secure the flight line. After extra watches were posted the flight line secured I was able to watch everything else unfold in the chief's mess until further orders were given. Naval Station Norfolk was in lockdown mode. During the next few days we started flying missions in support of homeland security and for the USS Washington which took up station outside New York, while the USS Kennedy patrolled the East Coast with a full airwing onboard.
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                      DMZ, South Korea... probably the safest place in the world at that time.

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                        Originally posted by jdl xstar View Post
                        Hope bin laden is burning in hell.
                        I'm with you brother... you know he's eating **** right now.
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                          I was in the air over Pennsylvania returning from a trip to CA. When I landed at Bradley in Hartford, CT it was very quiet. Didn't find out what had happened until I was in the airport limo to get my car. Someone with a cell phone got a call with the info and passed it along. Once at the parking location we told to just get in your car and go. Don't bother paying, just go.

                          Still have my boarding pass from that flight.


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                            Watched the news with my wife .... headed to my business partners house and watched the events unfold ....never thought the towers would come come down ....

                            Supposed to fly to Hartford later that morning .... my brother was in the air on the way to Las Vegas ..... he landed in MO ... all the pilot said was "we are ok, but we are landing at interest of our safety, there is a national event taking place. Our national security has been compromised and the FAA has ordered us to land."

                            When he got to MO ...... he counted over 30 airplanes on the ground lined up.

                            I knew there was heroism going on in the world during those moments, but I really had no idea how much.

                            Thank you to every last one who serves to maintain our freedom and preserve our way of life.
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                              I was stationed at Manta Air Base in Ecuador. I didn't hear about the attack until 2 days later.
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