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9/11/2001 - Where were you....??

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  • I was in Miami Beach. Flew in late the night before for a 3 week vacation in South Florida and the Keys with Family and friends. Remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the shower and my Brother's girlfriend of the time came running in and whip the shower curtain open and had a face of sheer fright and panic on her. I asked her what in the hell was going on and she could barely say to come out and watch the TV. We all just sat there and watch it all unfold on the TV for hours. I must have sat there with nothing but a wet towel on for hours.

    Miami was a really strange scene, with so many New Yorker's and tourist from the Northeast in sheer panic to get back home with ALL Airports and plane flights canceled / shut down. Every rental car, bus and train ticket was sold out for weeks.

    To this day, the feeling of not hearing or seeing an airplane in the sky for almost our whole 3 week vacation was bizarre.
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    • I was at a local airport waiting for my connecting flight to Asia for a business trip. It was strange seeing “Delayed“ and “Canceled” on all the flight information. The desk staff said to go home as they didn’t know when the flights would resume. When I got my home, my wife at the time, was watching the news with live coverage. I saw the second plane go in, then both towers fall on live. As a kid, we lived in NY and visited the twin towers a few times. It was surreal watching their destruction.

      My sister was supposed to be on the UA flight that crashed into the Pentagon, but because of traffic, she missed that flight and caught a later one. She was in the air and diverted to HOU. Her husband had to drive out from Cali to pick her up.

      Never Forget...
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      • It’s been 20 years. I have not forgotten, anything.. where I was, what I was thinking, etc…
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        • Same here...watching the second plane go in on live TV; the chill you felt was surreal.
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          • Me either......remember that day like it was yesterday...

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            • Happened on Tuesday, my second day on a new job as a manger of Aerospace Operations..By the following Monday I was on daily conference calls with the Pentagon Generals prepping for war. The sky was SO blue & cloudless until....


              • I was at our office in 3 Time Square. Quite grateful and fortunate I was not at our WTC space that day. Won’t forget.

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                • My daughter was born on Sept. 7th, just days before and we were home with a new baby and my oldest daughter and she was just 2 years old at the time.

                  My best friend called me that morning after the first tower was hit and asked if I watching TV.. I said.. Yes we are watching Barney. Then he proceeded to tell me about it, so I switched over to the news and was glued to the TV news for days.

                  I started watching before the second tower was hit and before they fell. I was absolutely horrified and scared for my kids future in this world.

                  Still pisses me off thinking about that day and the weeks following. I am still angry at how this country has changed so much since that day.. lost privacy, PITA air travel, etc..... we lost a lot on that day.


                  • Yep, patriot act, TSA, homeland security, etc. All in the name of "safety". Reference B. Franklins quote on this subject.


                    • Originally posted by roadster02 View Post
                      Yep, patriot act, TSA, homeland security, etc. All in the name of "safety". Reference B. Franklins quote on this subject.
                      You're a complete tool.

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                      • And you sir are the best groupie ever! I can always count on you . By the way, tell me what is untrue about my post?


                        • I owned FedEx ground routes and had left the terminal in a ryder rental truck when I heard a small plane had hit the tower. I swung by the house and got a portable TV to watch him on my route. I had a stop at the high school in Coleman TX, when I came back to the truck it was surrounded by sheriff's deputies who thought I might be a terrorist bomber.AFTER checking me out , they apologized saying everyone was on edge. Did I mention it was also my birthday!
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                          • Originally posted by bturner2 View Post
                            Everyone was proud of our country and of our flag. Fast forward 19 years and we have anti-american sentiment flagrantly displayed by the likes of the NFL, BLM and their buddies ANTIFA.

                            Hard to believe this is where we've ended up in such a short time.

                            Hard to believe where we've been! Anti american? What's really anti american is forced patriotism. I guess as long as everyone thinks alike we're all alright?


                            • Originally posted by RxMC View Post
                              Hard to believe where we've been! Anti american? What's really anti american is forced patriotism. I guess as long as everyone thinks alike we're all alright?
                              And you’re a bigger tool than roadster02…correction, worthless d bag.
                              It’s a shame, you don’t deserve to live in our country.
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                              • In the UK in a Company management meeting. The MD secretary came in and said an aircraft had flown into one of the Towers. We immediately assumed tourist light aircraft.

                                Then we got TV pictures. Boardroom TV screen switched on Meeting stopped for the day and we sat and watched the horrific events unfold. The room barely spoke a word in 3 hours.

                                To this day my blood runs cold every time I see the images.

                                I am currently watching "Turning Point" on Netflicks and continue to be stunned by the sequence of events and the heroism of the first responders and the fortitude of the Nation.

                                9/11 is one of those events where I will never forget where I was and what I was doing.
                                JFK assassination- Watching the new film Ben Hur in a Royal Air Force (RAF) cinema in Cyprus. The film was stopped and the whole base was out on the streets fearing that we would move to a Nuclear posture. I was a teenager at the time!
                                Moon Landing Apollo 11. In a junior ranks club as young RAF aircraft engineer
                                Death of Princess Diana: In our holiday home at my water ski club lake.

                                Mr and Mrs Markles Oprah interview: In the toilet throwing up.! This is a lie! I was in the lounge laughing my head off and the victims explanation of the tough life they were being forced to live.