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9/11/2001 - Where were you....??

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  • Originally posted by RxMC View Post
    Hard to believe where we've been! Anti american? What's really anti american is forced patriotism. I guess as long as everyone thinks alike we're all alright?
    Seriously, anyone born and raised in this country should feel patriotic. Unfortunately not everyone believes in the truth of what is going on today. America is in a more dangerous position than we were 20 years ago. And we have given the terrorists 80 billion $$$ of our state of the art equipment to use against us.


    • Originally posted by Thrall View Post
      And you’re a bigger tool than roadster02…correction, worthless d bag.
      It’s a shame, you don’t deserve to live in our country.
      Where be da like button?


      • Yeah I'm being chatty this morning. I have been waiting to see where this thread was going before I chimed in. And yes I have plenty to say but don't want to get a time out. bturner2 is right on track.


        • Wow, amazing new unseen footage of the second plane hit TWTC... The guy uploaded it in the early 2000's but did not realize it was still set to Private. Imagine seeing this plane come in like that..

          9-11 Kevin's Video with raw audio (includes swearing) - YouTube
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          • OMG .... that sends chills up my spine .... its at 2:11


            • My god

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              • brings back lots of memories ...