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Should-do diesel mods for longevity?

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    Originally posted by Thrall View Post
    Presuming you mean new or almost new truck. Most of the old reliability mods you hear about are just that....old.
    The one exception may be deleting the egr and if you're inclined, deleting the emissions, but that's a no go where you're at and frankly they're pretty reliable systems in the def/scr trucks.

    Fuel filtration is on par now....didn't used to be the case. Keep relatively fresh def in it if it's a garage queen, but if you're daily driving it that's not an issue either.

    Oil bypass? Pffft. Unless you're going OTR with it and putting on 150k a year or something, totally unnecessary. You already bought a 300-400k mile engine? Plan on the rest of the truck needing to go longer than that?

    The best reliability mods you can do is drive it and keep up on maintenance.

    This exactly. ^^ maintain it and leave it stock till the warranty is out.


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      @98 Saleen Cobra- Will do. Supposed to pick it up after the 1st of the year, and while I expect it'll take me a while to learn the ins and outs, I'd appreciate having someone knowledgeable fill me in on the finer points of diesel ownership.
      I appreciate the offer.