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Should-do diesel mods for longevity?

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  • 98 Saleen Cobra
    I live in CA and I'm deleted and tuned. But I'm in a smog exempt county.. I wouldn't worry about the oil bypass filter stuff.. Most of the trucks now have great filtration with the stock oil filters..

    I run only AMSOIL in all my vehicles.. My 96 rolla even gets it and it has 210k miles on it.. Doesn't miss a beat and the engine is as smooth as a sewing machine.. IF you go with the oil bypass do the amsoil one..

    I am deleted and tuned and I still change my oil at the recommended interval with amsoil as well. I don't do extended because I drive the truck so little it's about 2 a year if that. I also do fuel filter changes with it. Even though they are ever 20k.. They are cheap and I do my own work.

    Where in Norcal? I'm in Brentwood, the Norcal Brentwood.

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  • gweaver
    started a topic Should-do diesel mods for longevity?

    Should-do diesel mods for longevity?

    Question for you diesel gurus- Just purchased my first diesel and I'm wondering if there are any must-do mods for longevity. I live in CA, so removing emissions stuff is a non-starter, but I've been reading that an 'oil bypass filter' and maybe an additional in-line fuel/water separator might be good ideas. Any thoughts or comments? The truck is new, so whatever I do can't void the warranty.

    Also, since I'm new to the diesel world, if you've got suggestions for particular brands of filter/oil/etc, I'd appreciate it.

    FWIW, I've done a little research on the oil bypass filters, and have found three brands that look promising- 1World, Amsoil and Frantz. Thoughts and opinions on those or other brands appreciated. Any other input related to taking care of the engine is appreciated as well.