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    Originally posted by gweaver View Post
    I looked at Traeger and other brands of pellet smokers prior to buying mine. They all have their pros and cons. I ultimately bought a Yoder for a variety of reasons:
    1) Yoder is made in the US, Traegers are made overseas
    2) Yoder uses much thicker metal- don't quote me, but I think it's 3/16". I know it's 10ga. Traeger uses something on the order of 1/16" material.
    3) Customer service- I ordered mine from All Things BBQ in KS, and while freight costs on 350lbs to CA adds to the cost, just being able to get on the phone and talk to a human when I need to is priceless.

    I've never had issues with my Yoder besides initial priming with pellets. I bought the Grill Grates for it, and I'm able to get a good sear on steaks. We've made pizza, grilled chicken, veggies and steak, baked apple pies and smoked brisket and salmon. Haven't had a bad meal yet. It really is a quality cooking tool.

    I have a YS640 and love it!!!! Agree - the metal is much thicker than Trager (compare weight of the two different grills to see). Thicker metal means that it holds a more consistent temperature. I have had mine since 2014 and use it almost every weekend during lake season (I leave it at the lake house).

    We also do smoked pizza, salmon, ribs, chicken, brisket, pork butt, pork loin, shrimp, and other things.

    Yoder's aren't cheap, but neither is a MasterCraft. I would definitely buy Yoder again. Also second the vote for grill grates! Would strongly suggest the temp probe port on the side. I have the external thermometer, but don't use it much. I rely on my digital thermometer and use one of those probes to measure chamber temperature at the grate.


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      Kscrib- sounds like you have the exact same setup I have. It was expensive, but very worth it. I'm actually kicking around buying one of their smaller stick burners, although given the ease of using the 640, I have a feeling anything else would wind up being unused.



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        I am a believer in the green egg. Once you master it, it is nearly set it and forget it. You are not contstantly feeding it with charcoal and wood. I can do a 20- 24 hour pork shoulder slow cook without restocking charcoal. He’ll i could probably do a 48 hour without restocking.

        It really comes down to how you look at grilling - a hobby or a chore. I look at it as a hobby or a skill that I can always get better at doing. If I just wanted flavored meat with the absolute minimal work then I would do a traeger.


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          Originally posted by markmcfarland View Post
          I have a green mountain, similar to traeger. So easy to use. It will get up to 500 so it grills as well.
          This exactly.

          I use mine multiple times a week. If it can be cooked in an oven or on a grill you can cook it on a pellet smoker


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            I have had a Big Green Egg for about 6 years and love it.

            By no means am I suggesting to go against your wife as she has not steered you wrong yet.
            Becoming a good cook could take time but it is well worth it.


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              Traeger family here for the last 3-4 years. Love it for everything except grilling steaks. Steaks need hot charcoal or gas. Only thing I will emphasize is to clean it often (vacuum out the ashes around and in burner). I do it after approx 3-5 uses. Can get some nasty fires if not cleaned.

              Have friends with Green Mountains and they love them too.

              I'm always late to the technology party and got a Traeger about 10 years after they were "cool". Big regret not having it years and years ago.


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                love my Green Mountain


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                  might also cruise thru this thread about smokers ...


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                    Definitely get a pellet smoker. All brands have pros and cons, I went with a green mountain Daniel boone wifi model because of cost to feature ratio. Love it. Being able to monitor the temps of food and adjust as needed from out on the boat is awesome.
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                      Love my Traeger(s). Have one at home and one at the lake! Great for the lake!
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                        Big Green Egg fan here.
                        It's not as "vacuum cleaner" simple as the pellet smokers, but it is also a ton more versatile. Honestly, if I was considering a pellet smoker I might just go full braindead and get an electric smoker.

                        Get a BBQ Guru controller for the big green egg and it is nearly as "set it and forget it"
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                          I bought "the good one" before they were bought out... I love it.. but it is really a tool to use when you want to hang out and drink beer talk smart and solve all the worlds problems... you can grill on it too... it is a mostly set it and leave it sorta like the green egg but not as clumsy and you can just pull it around...

                          I doubt you can go wrong with any of the higher end ones that is for sure..

                          Enjoy your new toy... the YS640 you can get at a local shop we have 2 places that carry them here in MN.. and if worst case I would go visit my buddy in MO and pick one up.... I am probably going to go with the YS for my next one.. it looks awfully nice!


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                            Originally posted by CruisinGA View Post
                            Big Green Egg fan here.
                            It's not as "vacuum cleaner" simple as the pellet smokers, but it is also a ton more versatile. Honestly, if I was considering a pellet smoker I might just go full braindead and get an electric smoker.

                            Get a BBQ Guru controller for the big green egg and it is nearly as "set it and forget it"

                            I have a BBQ Cyber Guru with blower for the Vision version of a Big Green Egg that I’m thinking of selling. I’ve used it one time.

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                              I have two smokers and my wife won't touch them. She cooks on the gas BBQ all year round . You wouldn't eat anything I cook. My specialty is Hot dogs or P.b. sandwich.
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                                this is Deja vu.... we’ve been talking about pellet grills for the last 3 months at work. Started with one guy buying one, and before we knew it, 6 of us bought a damn pellet grill.

                                I love mine. Camp chef woodwind. Different brand than traeger. Price and some other features led me to camp chef. Ash clean out, the ability to slide the head deflector for direct heat, grill box accessory if I ever wanted it, etc.... but I know guys who bought traeger and love it. Both brands do great job.

                                I’m new to these pellet grills, but in the last 3 months I’ve become a smoked meat junkie. As matter of fact just I just smoked a7lb pork shoulder yesterday that will feed me for the next 3 days. I usually hate cooking because I never think my food tastes good. But now I love my grub.