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Here we go, Brownies, here we go!!!!

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  • Here we go, Brownies, here we go!!!!

    My feet are feeling cold, because hell has frozen over!

    The Cleveland Browns have beaten the Steelers, in a play off game, at Heinz Field. That just doesn't happen.

    Let hang another 48 on the Chiefs next week on our road to the Super Bowl. Browns are +2500 according to Vegas, so that will be a hell of payout.

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    Fun game! Congrats and enjoy! Coming from a Cowboys fan!
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      Turned on the game toward the end of the first quarter, my eyeballs fell out of my head. Fun to watch. That coming from a Lions fan....


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        Originally posted by tjrowbot View Post
        Turned on the game toward the end of the first quarter, my eyeballs fell out of my head. Fun to watch. That coming from a Lions fan....
        I am a lions fan too. Looked similar to a lions game in how the steelers made so many mistakes and had all the wrong bounces.

        With that said the Browns came to play. Showed up and deafeted the steelers in all aspects of the game.

        I saw the score this morning, went to bed midway through third and was surprised at the final score.

        Not too crazy to believe as the browns may have gone into bend, don't break defense a bit.


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          Another Lions fan here. First thing that came to my mind was that the Browns are only 3 seasons removed from their 0-16 season, and they have a playoff win. We suck...

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            I couldn't believe what I was watching during that first quarter! Incredible!

            Now if we can get Alabama to put up a similar first quarter to the Steelers...
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              Whoop! Whoop!

              It's great to be a Brown's fan this week! Although, my job is quite an inconvenience. Browns game late last night. Buckeyes game late tonight.


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                Vegas cleaned up on the Browns win.


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                  Like Mayfield a lot, love the swagger and confidence of the entire team. I think they can beat the Chiefs. Gonna be a great game
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                      Beat the Chiefs when Pittsburgh was expected to kill them? I hope so, but not so confident that they will
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                        Baker is a douche, KC by 24.
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                          I'd take +24 points and the Brownies for $100 Alex.


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                            Can i get in on this action as well?


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                              Such a great win.

                              "Browns is the Browns"