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  1. Ledger
    04-08-2019 11:09 AM
    I am looking to purchase 1 of 2 boats. 1993 or 1994 Mastercraft Prostar 190. One has the Inmar 285 HP (351?) Holly Carburetors with a power slot transmission. The other, the 1994, has a 5.7 Liter EFI 300 HP. Which is the most reliable engine and also the most low maintenance. If the Inmar with Holly Carb. is better, which fuel treatment do you recommend and/or 100% gas/no ethanol?
    Thanks for your time.
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  3. TribekampsurfersAZ
    07-29-2018 12:59 PM
    Hi all!!! Proud new owner of our first boat. 2013 x30 Need some help. What is the best way to get the biggest and best wake for surfing on this model? I know I can upgrade to the Gen2 tab system, but don't want to spend $6k right now. The Gen1 is ok...... I installed and extra 1500lbs of fatsacs and purchased the mission delta. That thing is awesome. I love to tinker and have no problem doing anything myself. Just don't want to start tinkering on a new item that I am not familiar with yet. Any suggestions??? We are also about to get another 400lbs in bow from lead bags.
  4. Tyler
    04-30-2018 11:02 AM
    Good day, I hope someone can help me. Sorry I am new at this forum stuff.
    I have recently replaced my VDIG on my Mastercraft X14, 2008 model as it was faulty. The new VDIG works fine and all parameters and gauges work well except the Perfect pass.

    The PP does not engage when you accelerate past the set speed. Why would this be and how can I sort this problem out. Could there be a setting that I need to look at or could there be a wiring problem or could the MMDC be faulty. I would really appreciate some help on this problem. I have searched for information but can not find anything.

    Many thanks Tyler
  5. csokegeri
    04-29-2018 05:28 PM
    Hey Guys,
    I have just bought a brand new XT22 model 2018. How many hours should I spend with the break in before use the surf system?
  6. jsalvanha
    04-01-2018 09:43 AM
    Hello! Just got a XT23 and still can't figure out the right tab sets and or ballast setup for a good GOOFY wave. Regular side looks good, but Goofy doesn't clean up....Any tips, recommendations?
    Many thanks!!
  7. BIG B
    08-10-2017 11:13 PM
    BIG B
    Hey guys,
    I'm looking to buy a 1998 Prostar 190 Sammy Duvalle w/a LS1. This boat has a 4 fin configuration on the bottom. I was told this is a special addition boat and that they only made 5 of them with the 4 fin.
    Is there anyone that can confirm this or point me the right direction to find out?
  8. Asaf Lev
    07-31-2017 05:58 AM
    Asaf Lev
    Hi does any one ownes Xt 21?how is the watersking? how is the wakesurfing? thx
  9. Nbergmann
    08-14-2016 01:58 AM
    I have a 2015 mastercraft x30. I have peen playing around with my setup but just can't make a good clean crisp wake. What setups are good? Ballasts, gen 2 surf tabs, speed, rope length, ect.?
  10. restadca
    07-12-2016 12:43 PM
    The new guy here. I have a 2007 X30 with 180 hours on it. We had some nasty weather the past could days in West Central MN. I started my boat the other day and while I was driving it, steam started coming from the engine, so I shut the boat off ASAP! The temperature gauge was fine; however, the 90 degree threaded pieces going into the exhaust manifold stripped and blew out. I checked the impeller and it is fine. I replaced the two 90 degree pieces that thread into the exhaust manifold on each side and fired up the boat. After a few minutes, the manifold gets too hot to touch. I took the 1" hose off the 90 to see if there was a steady stream of water and it just spit water on occasion. I'm going to check the hoses going from the impeller to the exhaust manifold, but any thoughts on what to check next? I really don't want to take the boat in if I don't have to b/c I'm going to get charged an arm and a leg, but I don't want to cut a corner either. Any help would be much appreciated!!1

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