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Barefoot 200 Owners

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All things BF200 as well as for Barefooters

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1986 ProStar 200, Most of our skiing is done at 15 off, 32-34 mph.
I loved it!
From Skate555
1986 ProStar 200
From Skate555
1986 ProStar 200
From Skate555
1986 ProStar 200 rig photo
From Skate555
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  1. mgreising
    03-19-2021 01:28 PM
    I am looking to purchase a BF 200. Any for sale? Any leads? It would be appreciated.
  2. Nicad
    07-23-2020 10:34 AM
    What is the general price range for a BF200 these days? I have a cosmetically excellent early BF200 with a smooth running Yamaha 150 . Re upholstered, nice gelcoat. I'm going to park it in a high boat traffic area with a well to do crowd likely to see it with a For Sale sign on it and hope I get a nibble. Just a guess as to what I should ask?
  3. CharlieB
    03-31-2019 02:05 PM
    I have a 1999 master craft pro star 205 with the lt1 EFI motor. The wake is too big for slalom and bare footing. There are no trim tabs on this boat. What do you recommend I install to smooth out the wake? Is there a recommended center plate or trim tabs I can install? Or, who do I contact who would know what should be installed? ? Any input would be appreciated.
  4. ChipFernandez
    07-11-2017 09:30 AM
    *Weeman not Newman (damn auto correct)
  5. ChipFernandez
    07-11-2017 09:29 AM
    Hello GoresBF200 and Newman! I also have a 95 BF200 w Yamaha Vmax 225 HPDI. I'm getting bad side spray on the boom and a noticeable "V" spray coming off the engine. I've been told that it's do to the weight of the engine versus the stock ProV200 engine. Did you guys ever resolve this issue? did you try to raise or lower the engine on the transom ? I was recently told to try to add lead weights to the bow to bring it down. I'm not sure if that will just sink the boat deeper into the water causing more spray?
    Do you know how much more these 225s weigh vs the old pro V 200?

    thanks in advance!

    09-20-2016 12:46 AM
    What is the best prop to use for barefooting with a 93 barefoot 200 with the 200 hp pro v yamaha
    sea level is at 600 feet
  7. Spidermonkey
    08-27-2016 09:48 PM
    Does anyone know for sure what the transom of a 92 BF200 is? Looks like wood to me..but I thought after 83 they didn't use any structural wood?
  8. Rocketboy
    08-19-2016 05:13 PM
    I have a new dimension tower for a BF 200 that I would like to sell. Message me if interested.

  9. GoresBF200
    03-08-2016 11:31 AM
    Hey Weeman

    I have a 95 as well. I put a 2007 Vmax 225hp on it. I am struggling with the chine spray. The motor is much heavier than my old 95 pro V. That has something to do with mine. I can only go up one more bolt hole but I feel that would be stressing out the transom too much. I could be wrong but I wont want to take a chance. For boom sets I bought a $100 boom extension.
  10. weeman
    01-19-2016 05:08 AM
    morning all
    Any of my friends in the barefoot world could please help me with my master craft barefoot 200.. Mines a 1995 but having problems with the chime spray.. Just wounded how yours is set up, engine height or any tips I could try..Rick Moyes
    Is looking in to it as he's been told there a great barefoot boat ..so wanting to try set it up right before I make my mined up. So any help would be great. Cheers

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