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  1. Waistline00
    06-27-2018 09:03 AM
    07 x45 8.1 motor running at 1500 feet. 80% hydrofoil at 24.5 mph w 12-18 people in the boat, no ballast. Doing a lil more wakeboarding now as the kids get older. Best prop size?
  2. cdp082
    02-07-2018 10:09 PM

    I just picked up a 2011 x-45 with the 6.0. You seem to be the go-to guy about props. We will use it for about 45% surf, 30% wakeboard, 25% cruising. What prop would you recommend? Top-end speed really isn't super important to me. Boat will be mostly at Center Hill Lake in Tennessee listed at 6-700 ft sea level.
  3. dburke
    07-24-2017 05:49 PM
    I have a 2014 MC X30 with the 6.0 & wondered what prop in your lineup you would recommend? I'm currently running the Acme 2241. I do everything from surfing to barefooting. My biggest concern is getting out of the hole as fast as possible when skiing. I ski at 36 mph & barefoot around the same speed. My current prop is giving me around a 42 mph top speed.
  4. h2oski89
    06-26-2017 01:00 PM
    Eric, I noticed a bend in one of my 4 blades this weekend, to be honest it could have been there for years, I haven't felt any vibration and the other three blades appear fine.

    I have a 2006 Mastercraft X9, I primarily slalom (course) and foot...kids tube and we play around with wakeboarding/surfing too. What prop would you recommend? I don't want to lose any hole shot or top end and if there is one that improves the slalom wake I would be happy. I've searched the forum and can't say I've found a definitive buy this prop...

    I should add that I have the MXC engine


  5. panamawake
    01-12-2017 02:11 PM
    Hello, I hear you are the expert in the matter, and I would greately appreciate any help you can give me. I have an X Star 2004 with an MCX 350 5.7 liter, and I am looking for a new prop, i hear the new OZ-X5 is good but im not sure it would fit. Please let me know what you would recomend for someone who mostly wakeboards, or wakesurf, and is loading up lots of weight. Obviously cheaper is would be good. so any advice is much appreciated.
  6. MC Tax Guy
    12-07-2016 03:17 PM
    MC Tax Guy

    I just purchased a 1995 Prostar 205 with a 350 CI Chevy engine (275 HP) and Powerslot transmission.

    What OJ prop should I have on there? I need to get a spare and information out there is kind of confusing. It Currently has a 14x18 3 blade prop 1 and 1/8 inch shaft. I want a prop that will maximize slalom skiing performance (i.e. small wake)

    Thanks for your input.

    Kind Regards,

  7. reh03acura
    09-19-2016 10:58 PM

    what would you recommend for spare prop for my 16 X23 with the 6.2L We are mostly surfing in the midwest (no altitude to speak of).

    Thank you,

  8. uliwake
    04-11-2016 09:42 AM
    Hi eric

    I do have xstar 2005 , with MCX 350 , bought it recently and came with OJ470, when I loaded with 750 on rear compartments , plus KGB and 400 on front , it takes too long to get to plane , if normally is the driver , my son 75kg and person wakeboard is ok , as soon someone else is in the boat in order to get to " plane" he has to go to the bow . Am not so interested on top speed , mainly we use the boat for wakeboard and wake surf .
  9. maniacmikes
    08-17-2015 02:42 PM
    I am looking to upgrade the stock prop on my 2015 mastercraft x23 with 6.2. It seems like it turns really high RPM's at surf speed (3,900-4,000 @ 11mph) and when I try to surf at a little faster speed, 11.5, it seems to struggle to get there. I have heard mixed things about changing props on the x23, so I am wondering if you guys have any experience with this boat. Mainly use it for surfing and cruising around the lake, just stock ballast. Let me know if you would like anymore info and what prop you would reccomend. Thanks.
  10. nrojay
    08-09-2015 09:47 AM
    OJ 454, 13.7 x 17.5 4-blade
    This is for sale on here and I'm looking to upgrade from the stock prop on 95 prostar 190 LT1with 1.5x1 tranny. will this give me stronger pulls out of the hole we tube kneeboard and wakeboard , slalom days are over or what do you recommend ?

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