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OhioProstar 08-31-2004 09:32 AM

Official: "Its College Football Season" Thread
Alright folks, I got my MSU tickets in the mail yesterday which makes me look forward to my second favorite past time of watching scores of games pumped directly into my favorite football spot. I know the following teams are represented but did I miss anyone that I can rib throughout the season?:

MSU, IU, Iowa, LSU, Georgia, Purdue, 'Bama, Minnesota?


bcampbe7 08-31-2004 09:39 AM

University of Tennessee (UT)! :)

Footin 08-31-2004 09:40 AM

Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!

OhioProstar 08-31-2004 09:43 AM

Footin, Good to see someone else that can hate the scUM with me.

Footin 08-31-2004 09:45 AM

I bleed scarlett and grey and I hate that team "up north".

"In Tressell we trust"

86Craft 08-31-2004 09:53 AM

MSU? You need to take the Ohio out of your OhioProstar.
There is only one Big Ten team that needs to be talk of, and that is The Ohio State Buckeyes! In my northern Ohio location I'm around 44 miles from Ann Arbor, and I'm starting to smell again the stink that is drifting down from the worlds largest ash tray, a.k.a. the Big House to the hillbillys. I will not worry about East Lansing until game week, and the week they play the U of Meatchickens.

Footin 08-31-2004 09:55 AM

Givem hell 86.

east tx skier 08-31-2004 09:59 AM




OhioProstar 08-31-2004 10:28 AM

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86Craft, Glad to see we dislike the same team with similar intensity. You must be around Sylvania. As my family was transplanted from Michigan early on, I maintained my Green blood even as many Bucks that tried to brain wash me. Thank goodness for all my relatives being MSU grads or I would have never made it.

BTW I did my undergrad work at Miami of Ohio, but couldn't shake my MSU roots. Either way I enjoy the fact that I have had to pull for a team that is average most years and occasionally gets a big upset like this one:

bcampbe7 08-31-2004 11:16 AM

Which one is you???

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