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tjrowbot 07-13-2021 01:14 PM

Cover vent / support on seam?
One piece cover. Bow pole continues to fall in windy conditions. I am adding a pole vent in the bow area. 2 Questions:

1) - Can / should I put on the sewn seam or stay away?
2) - Opinions on how close to the windshield? Water pools just in front of the windshield just behind the backs of the front seat.

I have messed with raising the bow pole, but then brings the cover above the rub rail and is almost higher than the windshield...

88 PS190 08-11-2021 09:07 AM

You're talking about one of those pole vents that pop a hole through the tarp? If so I wouldn't go through the seam unless you have someone sew across the seam first. Wouldn't want to split down the seam.

My best success with poles that fall over is to put a base onto it. Toilet plungers work pretty good for this, just unscrew the handle and stick it onto the base of the pole and then the tarp can be lifted up and down with out coming off.

If your tarp doesn't have one - get an area reinforced and a snap riveted into the reinforcement, then the poles are sold with a snap tip - that on top and a rubber plunger on bottom will stay up always.

jackpine 08-14-2021 10:01 AM

Is it an under tower cover? If so you could ditch the pole(s) altogether and go with something like this:

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jackpine 08-15-2021 01:35 AM

Seems to work so far on my cover although I havenít cinched it up all the way yet. Also Iím not convinced if a 2nd hangtyte would work with the ZFT4 for the bow section.

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