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east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:02 PM

Frequently Asked Questions
Please read the entire thread carefully before posting.

If you participate in this board regularly, you know that there are several questions that people ask that have come up before. So in this thread, I'd like to see very simple posts with bold-faced headings, that offer very short explanations to those often asked questions. Alternatively, if it cannot be addressed briefly, please link to the thread in which it has been discussed ad nauseum. This way, this thread will be easier to search. If someone has posted on a topic and you think they've forgotten something, please don't post an adendum. Rather, PM them and ask them to add it to their post or, if they've linked it, go to the link and post your info there. Also, don't post thanking previous posters for the info or otherwise respond to posts. I'm just hoping that this will remain something that's easy to scroll through.

How do I posts pictures and have them appear in the thread?

Are there limits on what I can post? Are there rules for using Team Talk? Can I behave like a complete jackass?

How can I get an Owner's Manual for my New-to-Me MasterCraft?

Where can I download older MasterCraft brochures?

I'm shopping for a used boat. What sort of things should I look for?

I'm considering a new propeller for my boat.

Where can I get Replacement Skins for my Boat?

What Octane Gas Should I Run In My Mastercraft?

My fuel gauge stopped working. Can I fix the fuel sending unit instead of purchasing a new one?

It's getting cold/warm outside, what do I need to do to winterize/dewinterize my boat?

I am looking for parts for my boat. Other than my local MasterCraft dealer or another fine MasterCraft dealer, where can I find such things?

My Boat Pulls to the Right.

I don't like the stupid bar on my late 80s MC Trailer. What can I do?

That's all well and good, but do you have any official literature from MC as to how to best afix a Boat Buddy to my 1987--1989 MC trailer?

I'm thinking about buying a MasterCraft Skier/ProStar/ProStar 190. Is there any sort of written history on these boats from 1968-2009?

I am thinking about buying a ProStar 205. Can you tell me about the history of this boat?

I am thinking about buying a 1995--1997 ProStar 190/2001--2003 19 Skier/1998--2000 SportStar 19/ 2000--2001 ProStar 195/X-5. Can you tell me about the history of this boat?

I am thinking about buying a 1996--2000 Pro Star 205/205V/MariStar VRS/X-Star/X-2 (2004--2005)/X-1 (2006--_). Can you tell me about the history of this boat?

What should I carry in my on-board toolbox?

What should I have in the First Aid kit on the boat?

Is there an Indmar Service Manual?

What does it take to upgrade to Electronic Ignition?

How do I get an avatar (picture) next to my name in Team Talk?

I'm taking a vacation soon. How can I find out if there are any Team Talk Members who live in my destination city?

I have an early 80s MC with a PCM engine. Is there an online service manual?

How do I repack my traditional shaft stuffing box/packing gland?

What does my Hull Identification Number mean?

Can I buy parts for my MasterCraft with a 351W at the local auto parts store? You got any part numbers? What about Chevy?

How can I join Team MasterCraft or renew my membership?

How many posts do I need before my description, i.e., "Devotee," changes from whatever it is now?

What does Indmar's FAQ section say?

Has anyone installed a heated driver's seat?

I'd Like to add gas lifting shocks to my motorbox. What is the stock location of these and what are the part numbers.

Can I organize Group Buys on Team Talk?

I need to replace my ballast pump impellers on my '06 and newer X2. Where are they located and how do I do it?

I want to rebuild my Holley Carburetor. Is there a walk through for this?

The VIN on my trailer is washed out, how can I find out what the VIN was?

I have a velvet 71 or 72c transmission, where can I find a service manual for it?

I want to rebuild my Borg-Warner Velvet Drive Transmission. Is there a walkthrough of this process?

What is the difference between Perfect Pass Digital Pro, Star Gazer, and the Zbox?

east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:02 PM

Manual for my Boat
How can I get an Owner's Manual for my New-to-Me MasterCraft.

GREAT NEWS FOR ALL OF US!!! MasterCraft now has lots of older manuals available for download. Click this link to go to the portion of MC's website to download the manuals. They are in .pdf format.

There may still be a couple that are not yet available. In the past, the recommendation was to click the "contact MasterCraft" link on the home page. If the manual you need is not available, click that link, tell them the year and model boat you've purchased, and request a copy of the owner's manual. They have, in the past, sent a photocopy of your manual free of charge (it takes a few weeks).

The current manuals as well as copies of the 1988 and 1991--1993 Pro Star Manuals should still be available in the download section on this site.

The information in the download section at can be helpful as well.

If none of the above bears fruit, start digging through users profiles on this board. Find someone who has the same boat as you and PM them to see if they will be so kind as to make a copy of the manual for you.

east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:06 PM

New Propeller
I'm considering a new propeller for my boat.

Eric at OJ or Bill at Acme can tell you just about everything you need to know. CNC'd propellers are the way to go.

This Prop Comparison may help.

east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:08 PM

New Skins
Where can I get Replacement Skins for my Boat?

In the past few years, MC has begun discontinuing skins for older model year boats. I believe the most recent cutoff date is skins available for 2003 and newer boats. But check with your local dealer to be sure.

As a general rule, call your local MC dealer and have your hull ID number ready (it's on the transom on the starboard side). They will need this number to order the replacement skins. Make sure you have room on your credit card for skins.

Another option is MasterCraft Skins.

A local upholstery shop can also do a good job, but the vinyl might not feel exactly like the stuff MC uses.

By way of example on skin prices, here's what I was quoted for certain pieces for my 1993 PS 205 when they were still available. These pieces had accent colors, but no heat stamped logos.

Engine Box Skin $295
Combing pad (port) $91.56
Combing pad (starboard) $91.50
Bow Seat Back $127.48 (PS 205).
Observer Seat Back $87.33
Driver's Seat Base 98.50
Observer Seat Base $99.00 (PS 205)

erkoehler 09-28-2005 03:11 PM

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What Octane Gas Should I Run In My Mastercraft?

EngineNut and JimN have been great to help us determine what fuel grades we need to be running in our boats. After much discussion, it has been found that 87 octane can be run in most of the engines, however it will retard the timing and decrease performance.

east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:20 PM

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It's getting cold/warm outside, what do I need to do to winterize/dewinterize my boat?

Bear in mind that I'm no mechanic. I've compiled this list from the owner's manual and some proven sources on this board as well as a really handy article from Aquaskier complete with pictures. If you have questions, and an answer from a bunch of anonymous internet dudes doesn't give you the warm fuzzies, consult your local boat dealer. This has worked for me. Hope it helps.

east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:32 PM


east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:40 PM

I am looking for parts for my boat. Other than my local MasterCraft dealer or another fine MasterCraft dealer, where can I find such things?


Boat Care & Maintenance
NAPA Auto Parts (does not apply to carburetors, alternators, or starters).

Towers & Accesories:

Speakers & Audio:

Discontinued Windshield Glass: (I'm told these folks have custom made windshield glass that is no longer available. You have to send them the frame).

Factory Bimini Tops
Although MC will not order bimini tops for many older boats, this company, who apparently made the tops, will still do it back through 1992.

Great Lakes Boat Top Co
(423) 884-6761
(865) 637-0857
15 Quality Cir
Vonore, TN 37885

Platform Brackets

Trailer Drag Wheels

Boat Buddy

east tx skier 09-28-2005 03:49 PM

How do I posts pictures and have them appear in the thread?

This is something that gets asked pretty regularly, so here's my quick guide to posting pictures:

First, your chosen picture must be available somewhere on the Internet so that the forum software can find it to display within a thread. Our servers do not have the storage space to be the “repository” for the weight of all images posted within Team Talk.

It is considered very poor "netiquette" to link directly to images on other sites (otherwise called ‘hotlinking’) and, many sites are specifically set up to prevent it; that’s why you’ll sometimes see a ‘blank’ picture or other error image – some others even have text that scolds the poster for this "hotlinking" or ’leeching’ behavior.

A very popular free image hosting site is, there are other free sites out there to accomplish this – just Google search.

Essentially, upload your image following their instructions/service…they store the image on their servers and provide you with a “http//:” link protocol:

After uploading the image, you will see the various link-out fields…copy the “Direct Link for Layouts”:

When you are ready to post your image, click on the icon and copy/paste your “http//:” link in the window:

You should be good 2 go with an image posted within your text reply.

Hope this helps!


Phil Walker

TT Admin

east tx skier 10-11-2005 02:41 PM

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My Boat Pulls to the Right.

Often times, tournament ski boats had the right trailing edge of the rudder ground ever so slightly with the purpose of causing the boat to have a constant rightward pull. Your boat is normal. In my case, once I got used to it, driving a boat without this pull feels strange. My unsolicited advice is to not mess with it and learn to love it.

If you have tried to get used to it and cannot. You can achieve neutral steering by grinding the opposite trailing edge of the rudder. Remember though, a little goes a long way. For example, the amount taken off the entire trailing edge of my rudder (pictured) is enough to cause the wheel to spin at speed if you don't hang onto it. You have to look closely to see the modification, but it does go along the entire trailing edge.

Cardinal rule. Grind a tiny bit and water test. Repeat as needed.

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