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moosehead 08-20-2018 11:15 AM

Surf - 2019 XStar
Credit to MC CO and a great crew.

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JP-OH 08-20-2018 12:15 PM

how did you embed the vimeo vid?

Wheelin98TJ 08-20-2018 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by JP-OH (Post 1448286)
how did you embed the vimeo vid?

Put url in front of the video link.

Add /url at the end of the video link.

Put [ and ] brackets around url and /url.

For example:

Quote my reply and you can see how it is formatted.

Tookeymonster 08-20-2018 12:27 PM

Great Video!

moosehead 08-20-2018 01:47 PM

'19 XStar Review
’19 XStar Review after 4+ hours aboard and behind this vessel last Friday. Comparison is plenty of hours behind a 2014 X46, 2015 X10 & X30, 2015 G23 and 2014 G21, others.

Overall Objective: Category killer for wake and surf boat – mission accomplished. She can do everything but slalom including family, water sports, cruise. It is as if they took the best of MC and the G’s and created a specimen of a lovechild. This is a noticeably larger and taller boat but she still maintains the style, sleeker lines, and handling of other MC’s in the line.

Handling: Surprisingly nice handling despite the larger size and heft of the XStar. Credit this to dockstar, a big arse 18” prop, 2:1 trans, and the 7.4L great pumpkin engine. My gut says if you are at Denver or higher altitude, you would want the 7.4L given the ballast and crew capacity of this rig, though at sea level or near the 6.2L should be good with the above accoutrements. Due to the taller freeboard and gunnels and additional insulation, this boat rides dry, quiet, and damp even with the 7.4L bad daddy engine. Noise levels were equal or less than our 6.2L X30.

Fit and Finish: Decidedly top of the line for any and all boat manufacturers, including MC. This includes the exterior gel; aluminum; best in industry tower/racks/bimini; interior fabrics and trim; shaped teak platform; electronics (yea said that). Cool Feel seems way more robust than the first gen effort and looks super sharp; and as commented before all watersport boats should have Seadek as it is soft, durable, washes down with a simple brush and water, and dries out quickly no odors.

Surf Wave: Tall, long, clean, and powerful. Perhaps a bit more horizontal vs down the line like other recent generation Gen2 MC’s? We have dialed our boats to great waves with aftermarket bags and lead, but this is out of the box bigger and better as-is stock. Really curious to see both the X24 and get in wakeboard sessions on both.

Ballast: The added switch over tank is a spectacular update to the standard KBG center tank, two hard rear tanks, two rear bags. The switchover is “U” shaped and when Gen2 switches either to port or starboard the switchover tank shifts water and weight to that side of the boat providing further list to the surf corner. Wondering if a wakeboarder tied at the tower would do the same by cleaning up ride-side with a bit of list? I did not pay much attention to this before being aboard but it automates what for us is moving crew or lead bags around a bit to optimize surf wave. On the fly switchovers are always dialed too. Last benefit is while there is still a huge amount of transom storage above the hard tanks and ballast bags - I would be hard pressed to see where more ballast is needed on this boat leaving a ton of new-found storage aft. Will predictably eat those words as ballast hogs will fill these to the brim in search of a Tsunami.

Ballast Fill-Dump Times: Literally timed it with a stopwatch as it was hard to believe. 3 minutes is real, and real impressive. A bunch of big daddy pumps and 2” ballast tubing are the ticket.

Storage: Plenty. The new taller transom storage bins both above each rear ballast on either side of the engine and the “pizza oven” above the engine bay are tremendous. Rear storage is now available from the swim platform so crew does not need to move around to get to PFD’s, ropes, smaller surfboards and WB’s – all can fit in the transom area now. We had three+ surfboards stowed under the observer seat with more room for plenty of other gear. Love the dedicated trash bin at the center helm walkthrough.

Klipsch Stereo: Like other engine and Gen2 nuances, MC Colorado is way out in front of this sound system with wiring and software updates. Clarity and volume was comparable to JL, with exception of in-cabin bass. That said, the twin tower speakers put out more bass from the tower than the 770 JL counterparts.

Dash Dual Screens & Other: Intuitive, crisp, manual toggle switches for ballast and tabs still at helm fore of the throttle, rear view camera at main helm screen is phenomenal, Go-Pro integration, etc all are appealing despite the first gen update needs. Would like more time at the helm to better understand everything. Go Pro mounts at the transom step down are slick but note they could get grabbed by a rope just like any other rear mounted camera.

Trailer: Typical bombproof MC quality on steroids with the triple-axles, new wheelsets, matte fender armor, greased hub system, 2 5/16" hitch ball, retractable transom tie-downs, etc. You’re gonna need a bigger 4wd tow rig than a half ton truck.

New MC “Terminator” Billet Mirror: It is gonna cost you but get one. Drop in the bucket on a relative basis.

You would be correct in calling me a fanboy. MC has earned that and taken it to another higher level with this XStar and presumably the X24. There is no substitute. Sorry kids, dunno where your college tuition went.

At this point, my only asks on this boat are stereo flexibility and Surf Pipe/AFE. Both may be aftermarket options for those with MCOCD but would be nice to be sponsored by MC. That is it.

MCMontana 08-20-2018 07:07 PM

Great review and video.

lashburn1 08-20-2018 07:20 PM

Great review Moose!!!
Report back on my X24 next

2RLAKE 08-20-2018 07:40 PM

I see a new boat order coming .... goodbye X10!

moosehead 08-20-2018 10:09 PM

Surf - 2019 XStar
Alan S can surf. S must stand for Steeze.

Pizza Box for ropes, or in our case Santiago’s Breakfast Burritos.

Cavernous rear storage above hard tanks and ballast bags.

The Terminator brings back the billet, bigly.

Cool Feel is robust, sharp, er, cool.

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moosehead 08-21-2018 10:20 AM

The billet stirs my muscle car loins. Found this Murican Manufacturing clip below from Geremarie, who manufactures 750k aluminum parts annually for MC. Learn something every day.

Again, use Chrome / Firefox / Safari as your browser, cause Internet Explorer sucks:

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