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dcwalkaw 09-16-2018 06:18 AM

Not reaching set speed
I have a 2014 X25, and yesterday I was having problems reaching my set speed when my cruise was on. I could only reach 9.5 when the cruise was set at 10.6 in surf mode. In Go Home, it would reach 20 mph before losing power and going back to 0 mph (cruise set at 28). I finally figured out if I turned the cruise off then the boat ran fine. Anyone experience this, or might know what is going on?

MattsCraft 09-16-2018 07:53 AM

From your description, sounds like the GPS puck is bad. It is the black puck just outside the windshield on the drivers side - You can follow the wire from here under your dash & see where it plugs in, I would start by re-seating the plug to see if that helps, other than that, you'll probably need a new one from your dealer.

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