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Brian J 08-14-2018 10:42 AM

X-45 Hard tank draining issues
Hello All,

First time poster, after many years of lusting after a Mastercraft I finally own one. However, much to my dismay (despite the successful test drive) I am having issues with my hard tanks not draining. I was told by the seller the ballast pump impellers were changed 2 or 3 years ago, of course this could be false but he is a brother of a close friend so I don't think he'd lie to me. This is my first experience with ballast tanks but I am very handy with this kind of stuff so I am sure I can get the issue solved once I know what it is. Any advice on how to go about fixing this would be appreciated.

The long version:
I have the factory port, starboard and kgb hard tanks with three switches(pumps) to fill and drain. Years ago a previous owner had the dealer install 4 bags (port, starboard and two up front) with 3 Mastercraft valves in the locker. I fill all the hard tanks until the gauges read full and water sprays out the overflow on port and starboard, then I flip the valves and fill the bags. Reverse process to drain, the bags have always drained fine. Filling has never been an issue.

First time out the port tank would not drain past 3/4, let it sit like that overnight in the slip and then it did drain the next day. Second time out the KGB tank would not drain, so I disconnected the bag water lines thinking it may be a vent issue and that did not seem to help, I then turned the switch on and off a few times, listened for the pump which would always turn on but then would shut off after a few seconds. Eventually I got it to drain. From reading online it sounds like I either have the common time out problem, a kinked vent line or a low voltage at the pump issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

onewheat 08-14-2018 10:29 PM

If your pumps are turning and your ballast impellers haven't been changed in years, I'd at least open up a pump and check out the impellers - check the stiffness and to make sure they are intact. The lime green impellers are the ones to have,

lashburn1 08-14-2018 10:38 PM

Make sure they are "filling" 1st you can do this one by one and check for overflow coming out the side.
This will ensure the pumps are working

then drain all one by one making sure you hear the pump working.

You may have bad impeller, with decent use the should be changed each season
They are cheap.

If any of the pumps don't work in one direction only. It's probably a bad switch.
If the dont work at all, it's the switch or the pump.

If everything works well and new impellers, you may need to change your fill/drain timers

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