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  • bparelskin
    replied to 2005 X2 Tps
    Are you sure the problem is not in the sensor on the Throttlebody? i found the GM equivalent throttle body and it resolved my problem. The Non-mastercraft version was under $100 and it's a 10 minute replacement. That was off my 2007 X14 with an MCX350.
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  • Check Engine on MCX350 with Throttle alerts

    I have the codes that point to either the throttle position sensor or the Pedal Position Sensor on my MCX350 in a 2008 X14. Does anyone have the specs for the replacement part for the PPS? I've replaced the throttle body and it solved the problem for a couple of seasons, but it's recurring, so I want...
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  • bparelskin
    started a topic Check Engine Light MCX

    Check Engine Light MCX

    I have a 2007 X14 with the 350 HP MCX (Chev 350 cc engine). I'm getting a Check Engine light and went to put a code reader on it, but the connector is a 10 PIN vs a 16 pin connector. Has anyone found out how to read the codes from the dash display? Is there a reader adapter that works? I've already...
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