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  • tedp
    started a topic 1989 Prostar 190 $9500

    1989 Prostar 190 $9500

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  • Dinosaurinson
    started a topic 1989 Tristar 190

    1989 Tristar 190

    Looking at purchasing a 1989 Tristar 190 with 1300 engine hours.

    The boat is in visibly great condition, garage kept, professionally and regularly maintained, custom tower, boat currently on the second owner, normal wear and tear on original seating, overall looks beautiful.

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  • Jbeams2
    started a topic Winterizing a 1989 tristar 190

    Winterizing a 1989 tristar 190

    Hi guys, I have a 1989 tristar 190 with a ford indmar 351 in it. I was looking for some tips on how to winterize this boat. I have winterized my jet ski many times, but never an indmar 351. Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • exhaust flange (exhaust tip) source needed

    Hello All,

    Looking for source for new exhaust flanges (exhaust tips) for my 1989 Prostar 190. Current flanges have eight (8) screw holes. Flanges with six (6) screw holes are available but I'm reluctant to fill eight holes and drill six new ones. Any and all ideas welcome

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  • Teakind
    started a topic Prostar 190 Illuminated Switches

    Prostar 190 Illuminated Switches

    Hello All,

    I hate to ask this 'cause it should be so intuitive but I am afraid to break something. I need to replace all 6 of my dash switch bulbs on a 1989 PS 190. They are small and almost look like LEDs but it seems too early in history. Has anyone removed and replaced these? Where...
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  • How do I remove the original equipment bilge pump

    Hi - how do I remove the original equipment bilge pimp from a 1989 Mastercraft ProStar 190?
    The original pump is yellow, I cannot see the brand or make, it is bright yellow and has a sticker on it that says model 2200. it looks like it may be clipped into a plastic base. It won't budge. any suggestions...
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  • Plastic flange 8 screw holes for 1989 Prostar 190

    I need to replace both exhaust flanges. you cannot tighten the clamp around a new exhaust hose if the flange is warped. I ordered two flanges from skidim but apparently theirs has 6 screw holes and I need 8. As I'm not eager to "fill" 16 old holes and drill 12 new ones, does anyone know...
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  • Jeepnrg
    started a topic Prostar 190 Shopper

    Prostar 190 Shopper

    We are looking to purchase our first Mastercraft Prostar 190 for the lake. We live on a good sized lake in Maine and I am familiar with Mastercrafts from teaching water-skiing on Lake Champlain in the early 2000s. We are currently looking at late 80's 190's (like the ones I drove before) and I am...
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  • mertens
    started a topic Any info on a 1989 Maristar 240?

    Any info on a 1989 Maristar 240?

    Hello all,

    I have a 1989 Maristar 240. I am trying to find out what might be the best placement for ballast to produce a steep but firm wake with a kick at the top. I have 1350lbs of ballast in the back, 500 in the center locker and 100lbs in the bow. When standing on the swim deck...
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  • '89 Tristar dead in water - on labor day wknd!!

    Just grabbed an '89 Tristar 220 with the Ford 351 (Indmar) engine. Thing runs like a top - former owner was a Corvette mechanic and it's apparent by the overall appearance, sound and overall performance of the motor and carb. HOWEVER, was out with the squad (have 6 kids - YES, 6!!) and boat was running...
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