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  • dpb185
    started a topic 2000 Prostar Windshield Fastners

    2000 Prostar Windshield Fastners

    I had a quick question, while boating today I notice the bottom edge of my windshield was not mated to the deck by 1/8" or so. I can push down on it and close the gap; it's obvious the fastener has come loose. This is on the driver's side, right next to the bow pass-thru. There is a black piece...
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  • Torstenlaw
    started a topic 2000 Sport Star 19

    2000 Sport Star 19

    Well, I bought my first boat in the middle of winter. I'd been looking for a decent boat for a bit now, but with the pandemic the pricing has been ridiculous. This one came up and it was only a couple of hours away. I went and took a look and decided to take the plunge. Figured if we waited to long...
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  • dpb185
    started a topic 2000 Prostar 205V Hull Decals

    2000 Prostar 205V Hull Decals

    Hi everyone, new member here. I just bought my first boat, a 2000 Prostar 205V. My wife and I love this boat and want to bring it up to like new condition. The decals are a little worn but if I can't find exact replacements, I may just leave them alone.

    I have a question - does anyone...
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  • dmaxxx
    started a topic Temp Sensor reason for running rich?

    Temp Sensor reason for running rich?

    I have a 2000 x star that I have owned for years. Recently she starting running super rich. I have tested fuel pressure (TBI) and it is a very steady 30psi, so we are good there. I have had what I thought was a bad temp gauge for a year, but now I am thinking it s a bad sensor and maybe it is sending...
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  • WakeCLT
    started a topic 2000 MasterCraft XStar

    2000 MasterCraft XStar


    Located in Charlotte, NC

    This boat was purchased from Mastercraft of Charlotte. We are the 2nd owners. It has been meticulously maintained, cleaned & babied since we took ownership. It has approximately 700 hours. We are not immature people
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  • gruvnfunk
    started a topic Heater for X-Star 2000

    Heater for X-Star 2000

    Last year my heater started leaking water so I removed it. Rather than try and get it fixed I stupidly threw it away. I can't believe I threw it away... not sure if it could be repaired or not. Does anyone know what kind of heater goes into this boat? It had two vents. If you could comment with...
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  • gruvnfunk
    started a topic X Star 2000 Bilge Won't Run

    X Star 2000 Bilge Won't Run

    I dropped the boat in this week and noticed the bilge won't run. The light on the button on the dash lights up but it's not pumping and isn't showing any signs of life. Any guesses what the issue is?

    Send me an email for a photo of the pump. I can't tell what kind it is. It is yellow...
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  • How can I open the floor compartment? X-Star 2000

    I am trying to access the area under what appears to be a hatch on floor toward the stern right in front of the rear, front facing bench. The bilge access black screw top is in the center of this panel. I can't seem to find and screws or other latches.

    Your help is greatly apprecia...
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  • Help! DIY transmission seal change on '00 xstar(205v)

    has anyone changed the rear seal on the transmission (HSW 630V1 - 1.55) of their 205v? the local dealer quoted me at $1200 to do it. i'd really prefer to do it myself if it's possible. anyone have any guidance for me? i believe i heard that it's possible to change it without pulling the engine....
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