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  • Tony84121
    started a topic 2018 X46 7.4L Dual Screen

    2018 X46 7.4L Dual Screen

    Here’s a link to a current listing on a local site. My local dealer has committed to a trade in offer of $153,000, so there’s no reason for me to offer it for less....

    Thought I’d give TT members a chance to get this beauty...
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  • andy_sarka
    started a topic For Sale 2018 Mastercraft XT 21

    For Sale 2018 Mastercraft XT 21

    50th Anniversary 2018 XT21. Boat is in Excellent Condition with only 140 hours and always stored inside during off season and under a covered lift during the in season. This is an amazing boat with tons of features and upgrades. Specs below but will provide a build sheet upon request. **Trailer Included**...
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  • dakotaparker
    started a topic WTB: XT 20-22 Series 2018-2019

    WTB: XT 20-22 Series 2018-2019

    Looking for a 2018 or 2019 XT series. Couple things it needs to have is either a 7 inch touch screen or dual screen display and the ZFT4 tower. Thanks in advance for any one who replies!
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  • lobo87
    started a topic 2018 NXT20 Ballast Issue

    2018 NXT20 Ballast Issue

    Hey everybody,

    So I bought an '18 NXT20 at the end of 2017. Last summer it had an issue filling the ballast bag on the right side, the hard tank was filling though. Took it in to Mastercraft and they were able to fix the issue, which I am told was the the check valve leading from the...
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  • wallos
    started a topic weird surf tab issue X20

    weird surf tab issue X20

    2018 Small screen tab resetting to stock profile
    I've been trying to optimize wave on new X20 with small screen. Spent all last week with my wife driving trying dif settings. Yesterday when I finally got to drive for someone else I realized tabs were retuning to stock settings as we excellerated....
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  • eecyclone
    started a topic 18+ Klipsch Stereo mods

    18+ Klipsch Stereo mods

    I will try to keep this post updated with my latest findings to make it easier for people to modify their stock Klipsch stereo. Below it is broken down between Klipsch upgrades and non-Klipsch upgrades.

    The general consensus is the Klipsch speakers are actually pretty good, however they...
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  • Kswanson
    started a topic 2018 XSTAR Build Progress

    2018 XSTAR Build Progress

    My Monday was made! Completion is scheduled for this Thursday and I will be picking it up in Knoxville June 12th. Anyone from the area want to come out and show me the river?...
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  • mlo16
    started a topic '18 XT21 Order!

    '18 XT21 Order!

    Just submitted the order for a 2018 XT21! Had the NXT20 for 1 year and needed the upgrade. Such a fun/stressful experience picking colors / options Check out the options! (comments welcome!)
    Bottom Hull - Midnight Black
    Hull 1 - Midnight Black
    Hull 2 - Midnight Black
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  • TTAdmin
    started a topic MasterCraft Announces New 2018 Boat Features
    in News

    MasterCraft Announces New 2018 Boat Features

    MasterCraft Boat Company (NASDAQ: MCFT) today announced new features and upgrades to its new 2018 model year boats that improve and enhance the boating experience. New 2018 MasterCraft boats debut new functional and cosmetic improvements as well as a more intuitive and customizable operating experience...
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