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  • bonk78
    started a topic Prostar 190 Hiccups/Missing

    Prostar 190 Hiccups/Missing

    Hi All,

    Hope you can help me out here. I have a 1990 Prostar 190, 351W, Powerslot with 700 Hours on it.

    This year I started to smell gas when we would uncover it. It ran well and I couldn't find a leak. Then after it sat for a week, it wouldn't start. No fuel was getting...
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  • 1991 Prostar 190 351 surging between idle and 2000 rpm

    Having my first issue with my new to me last year and 60 trouble free running hours ago 1991 Prostar 190 351. Have loved this boat since I got it at 860 hrs and have done lots of the usual maintenance that one wants to do on an old boat. Yesterday I developed an issue after setting out for the day....topped...
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  • caffn8r
    started a topic Idle issue

    Idle issue

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but a fairly intensive search of the forum did not quite cover my issue. I have an 87 prostar with the 351 and a Holley carb. I bought the boat in fairly poor condition after it having sat for probably 15 years or so. After thoroughly going through it mechanically,...
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  • Request info on 440 Chrysler Marine Eng

    I have a 84 SandS with a 440 Chrysler Marine eng. Wondering if anyone has seen/heard of this engine in a MC boat before? Engine runs good but has a minor oil leak (not sure where it is coming from) that and lack of info making me consider an engine swap to 351 ford or 350 chevy any recommendations?...
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  • Circulation Pump Bolts for '88 PS 190

    Hi everyone,

    Do you know where I can find new bolts for the circulation pump on an '88 PS 190 with a 351? I noticed a leak under the old pump and have had some overheating issues for the past few months. I already have the new circulation pump from DIM, but one of the old bolts has been...
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  • fyrfytr33
    started a topic WTB, 351 Windsor oil pan

    WTB, 351 Windsor oil pan

    Looking for an oil pan for a early '90's 351 Windsor, with dip stick hole. Anyone have an old block around, maybe cracked or re-powered Indmar engine with the oil pan? Anyone know anyone that may have one, or where I may be able to find one?
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  • 1979 Stars and Stripes engine work

    My '79 Stars and Stripes ran pretty good last season until the last time out. While footing under full throttle I lost power, and developed what sounds like a top end knock, definitely not a rod knock though. The motor hasn't been touched since '88, so I'm thinking about pulling it and tearing the top...
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  • fyrfytr33
    started a topic 351 Windsor oil pan

    351 Windsor oil pan

    Looking for an Indmar oil pan for a 351 Windsor. The closer to Seattle the better. Failure of my engine hoist dented mine at the drain, now I can't seem to get it to stop leaking😞
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  • Capser94
    started a topic 1991 Prostar 205 engine

    1991 Prostar 205 engine

    Picked up a used and abused 205 from my in laws and I am going to have it restored. The engine definitely needs work. Problem is I have no idea where to start. Since it's a 351 do I go to a car guy or a marine guy to have the engine assessed? Thanks.
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  • Czechmate
    started a topic Shaking like a big block mopar

    Shaking like a big block mopar

    I just picked up a 1984 Stars and Stripes and have a diagnostic question: at idle the motor shakes, not really like a worrisome shake, but more like a 454 with a big cam at a red light. The motor sounds good and runs well , I did notice it puff out a little white smoke this morning when I started it...
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  • Waterski-Marcoisland
    started a topic 1992 Mastercraft PS190 $9000

    1992 Mastercraft PS190 $9000

    Up for sale is a well maintained and updated PS190.
    Ford 351 with rebuilt carb.
    1:1 tranny
    Fresh water only
    New Mastercraft interior 2013 material from factory.
    New carpet
    Clarion marine stereo with JL speakers.
    BI boom
    Bimini and original...
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  • scustoms
    started a topic 1993 Prostar 205

    1993 Prostar 205


    Located in Northern California for $13,750 may meet somewhere w/ deposit.

    1993 Mastercraft Pro-Star 205
    Second owner fresh water only (Lake Berryessa). Boat is a 9/10 has a few small nicks in the vinyl (<10) (original) and gel coat, no tears or cracking,...
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  • fyrfytr33
    started a topic Alternator bracket

    Alternator bracket

    I have a 93 Prostar 190 running a 351W. I dropped the alternator bracket and it broke. Anyone know where to find a replacement? New or used. Not sure if aftermarket brackets will work without modification. I need help, please.

    Thank you,
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  • S & S Newby
    started a topic Oil pump replacement 74' S & S

    Oil pump replacement 74' S & S

    I recently purchased a 1974 Stars and Stripes with a 351. The previous owner had the engine rebuilt. He had an high flow oil pump installed. When I got it on the water I noticed that the boat had no oil pressure and idle or low range rpm. I didn't show pressure until around 2300 rpm. I then pulled one...
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  • Shane28037
    started a topic Wiring Diagram for 87 PS 190 Indmar 351

    Wiring Diagram for 87 PS 190 Indmar 351

    Does anyone have an engine wiring diagram for an 87 PS 190 Indmar 351?

    I located a wiring diagram on here for a PCM motor around the same year. Is there a difference in the wiring between the PCM and Indmar engines?
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