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  • dpb185
    started a topic Indmar LTR Water Pump

    Indmar LTR Water Pump

    I'm going to the lake all next week and I figured I'd be crazy not to have a spare raw water pump impeller. I decided not to replace the impeller in the spring, mainly because my list of things to do to get the boat ready for the water was just too large. It seems like an easy fix and easy to diagnose...
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  • OviedoProstar
    started a topic 1996 ProStar 205

    1996 ProStar 205

    1996 MasterCraft Prostar 205 5.7L
    Green/white exterior white/green interior
    Trailer Included
    Ready to take on the Lake today!

    Purchased from original owner in 2017. Boat runs and operates great.
    Many upgrades since then....
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  • Tfhtech1
    started a topic 5.7 5000 mpi 3 for sale ilmor

    5.7 5000 mpi 3 for sale ilmor

    I have 3 if these and need the room in the shop all have less than 20 hours 2 haven't even had there first oil change I bought them for another project. But now I need to recoup some cash I will guarantee them to run perfect. Please send any questions I'm in the boat repair business so can help in anyway...
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  • rockets2009
    started a topic '94 Maristar 5.7l EFI ECU/ECM

    '94 Maristar 5.7l EFI ECU/ECM

    At the end of last summer by '94 Maristar 225 VRS left me stranded in the water. Fuel pump was not functioning properly. My Maristar has the 5.7l 350 EFI. I wired the fuel pump directly to the battery and it worked fine. I reattached the ground and ran power directly to the battery and it worked...
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  • 2001 X-10 5.7 TBI How to set timing?

    I have a MEFI3 controller, so I turned off timing advance and the engine died. It was running very good with Mefi control. So i turned the distributor some and restarted and got the timing light out but can't seem to get it timed to zero with the timing light set to 10 degrees. *My timing light has...
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  • 2001 X-10 5.7 Cranks, won't start

    I have an 01 X-10 that I just installed a new crate motor in and it will crank but won't start. I have spark going into distributor cap and out of cap at least on the one cylinder I checked. I hear the fuel pump run for 2 sec when I turn the key on and if I press the schrader valve fuel sprays out...
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  • 5.7 Chevy Indmar motor Parts

    It came out of a 96 Sammy duvall. Block is cracked, i bought new block from Michigan motorz. I would like to sell the heads, and camshaft and pistons. the oil pan and oil pump still good. Any other questions I may have more parts as well.
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  • 96sammyd
    started a topic 96 Prostar cracked block

    96 Prostar cracked block

    Hi guys,
    I have a 96 prostar 205 Sammy Duvalle. I took it in to get some work done well they noticed a crack around the plug. They called wanted to make sure it was ok to hook it up run it... well now we have chocolate milk oil. So it has a 5.7 Indmar engine, what the best option??? I havn't...
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  • 2004 MCX - Engine Cranks But Will Not Run

    I'm looking for a little help with my Engine Cranks But Will Not Run issue. To the punch line, Diagnostic Trouble Code = "(81) Pump Low/Open". Intermittently starts and runs (as opposed to intermittently fails).

    Background: 2004 197 TT w/5.7 MCX engine. 900 hrs. Pulling a...
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  • h2oskiluvr
    started a topic 2013 Ilmor 5.7 Hydrolock

    2013 Ilmor 5.7 Hydrolock

    So I get the news late today that the initial diagnosis is hydrolock. It's a 2013 with 39 hours.

    I was told this is very rare and I am not seeing any information on the web about this. That said, it has happened.

    What's the fix for this? Is it going to take a new engine...
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  • 02 X-30 with 5.7 260hp, is that Enough to Surf?

    Hello, I'm looking at buying a 2002 X-30 with the Indmar 5.7 260HP motor. I would really like to surf off this boat. So I was planning to replace the ballast system with 750 bags in the rear lockers and upgrade the pumps. In 2002, one of the optional motors was the 8.1L with 425hp. 425HP compared to...
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  • markmcfarland
    started a topic 5.7 MCX Belt Squeak Squeel

    5.7 MCX Belt Squeak Squeel

    I just bought a 2009 XStar with the Indmar 5.7 MCX. Had to replace the alternator right away. New belt was put on then. Boat still squeaks or squeels when you get on the throttle. It was done at the dealership and seems to be tight. Any suggestions. Dealer is checking it again, putting in new...
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  • JGMinano
    started a topic 2013 X-30 - is 5.7 engine enough?

    2013 X-30 - is 5.7 engine enough?

    I am taking a hard look at picking up a 2013 x-30 (essentially new, less than 15 hours), but the boat is outfitted with the 5.7 liter engine. Or current boat is a 07 X-2 with the MCX, and the only reason for the move would be for greater space and a better surf wake. My wife and I are beginner surfers...
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